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17 Easiest Ways To Get Laid According To Porn

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Here Are The 17 Easiest Ways To Get Laid

Getting laid can be a chore. You know who has it easy, though? People in pornos. It seems like they’re getting laid left and right by just taking part in every day life. What’s their secret? Thanks to the great users at Reddit, we now know some of the easiest ways to get laid according to porn.

From Reddit:

Walk in on two women already having sex. That’s why I never knock.

If you’re knocking, you’re not trying.

Get caught masturbating.

This happened to me in high school.

Have a vagina, do literally anything.

This one actually works if you’re a girl.

Fail a test and stay after class for tutoring.

Try this method out next time you fail.

Put your dick in a box, give that box to someone.

Specifically, make it a pizza box. Girls love pizza.

Own a black leather couch in a white-walled room.

I’m no interior designer, but that look is too bland for me.

Drive a taxi and be a rapist.

What kind of porn is this guy watching?

Walk in on your daughter fucking her boyfriend and show them how it’s done.

“Move out of the way, son. She’s MY daughter and I’ll be the one giving her the good D.”

Just whip it out.

Public exposure. TFM.

Peeking at people through doors while they’re changing or showering.

Pick up a hitchhiker.

It must be against the law because it leads to tons of boning.

Salesperson with lots of discounting. Landlord to a poor sexy college girl.

If you’re looking for a career path filled with puss, this is it.

Go over to your buddy’s house when he’s not there.

Banging hot sisters is what friends are for.

If it’s in Japan, riding a train.

You can always count on public transit.

Go to the bank, and make sure to tell them about your BIG deposit. Bonus points if you make into the safety deposit vault.

Make sure you wink too so they know what you’re talking about.

Already having a girlfriend that just so happens to have a hot mom.

Always check the family tree before locking yourself down.

Get or give a massage.

Speaking of which, my back is a little sore.

To read more tips on how to get laid according to porn, go HERE.

[via Reddit]

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