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20 Ways To Piss Off A Bleeding Heart Liberal

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There are many names for those that are left-leaners: Democrats, left wingers, liberals, or my own personal favorite: assholes. Common characteristics of these people include, but are not limited to: a devoted passion for protesting largely meaningless issues, hating just about every value that America was founded on, valuing political correctness more than the truth, and most their most defining feature, the ability to get offended by almost anything.

So, next time you feel like having a little fun with one of these special types of people, mention any of one of the below topics and it is sure to send them into a frenzy.

  1. Making money.
  2. Refusing to acknowledge that microaggressions actually exist.
  3. Building a wall.
  4. Flying the “Come and Take it” flag.
  5. Owning a large amount of American flag themed clothing.
  6. Your immigration views being strikingly similar, if not identical, to Trump’s.
  7. Claiming that global warming doesn’t exist solely based off the fact that there is snow on the ground.
  8. “Pleading the 2nd” whenever someone brings up gun control.
  9. Having a staunch appreciation and admiration for Reagan’s presidency despite the fact that you were not alive for it.
  10. Claiming that you had to overcome a tremendous amount of adversity in your life to get to where you are now despite coming from an upper-middle-class family and rarely having to work for anything in your life.
  11. Refusing to provide “trigger warnings” for mildly offensive topics.
  12. Bringing up very valid reasons as to why Bernie Sanders is a socialist.
  13. Having a deep and profound love for America and all things American, including cheeseburgers, SEC football, beer, and capitalism.
  14. Referring to their economic policies as “trickle up poverty.”
  15. Hating taxes.
  16. Believing that health care, along with a college education, is a luxury, not a right.
  17. Disagreeing with the notion that a fast food worker should be paid $15 an hour.
  18. Not coming from a minority background.
  19. Living south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
  20. Having absolutely no regard for political correctness.

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