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21 Tips That Will Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation

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As men, we aren’t the greatest of lovers. Some of us are one-pump chumps, and a few of us are marathon men. Personally, I’m a marathon man — which explains why all the ladies always come back for more. Lasting longer is key, and I can’t give out my own personal secrets.

Thankfully, here are 21 tips from strangers to help you strut your stuff a little longer in bed.

“Dont nut dont nut dont nut dont nut. Fuck…. I’m sorry”

Do you ever say it so fast you start saying donut and start craving some Krispy Kreme?

I plan what I’m going to do the following day. That works AND it’s rather practical. My SO will occasionally get a bit confused if post coital I’ll ask them if they want to go to the store tomorrow.

That’s what we in the biz call killing two birds with one stone.

Fibonacci sequence

It’s never ending and gets more difficult the longer you go on. Seems prefect aside from my raging boner when someone says one one two three five.

I like to say it backwards. It adds effectiveness.

If cumming too quickly is seriously a concern, I typically stop and embrace a bit more foreplay or switch positions

That’s a little too much work.

I envision a 400lb, fat blob riding me instead.

What if one is actually riding you?

Margaret thatcher on a cold day.

Only bad part about this is that you lose your boner and can’t get it back.

I used to try and spell convoluted words in my head to try and help against this.

Try spelling this: “S-T-E-V-E-H-O-L-T-I-S-G-O-D.”

I cycle through the entire starting lineup and pitching rotation of the Tampa Bay Rays.

If you really want a challenge, do the Phillies.

For some reason I always think about someone cleaving my dick into slice

Jesus, man. Kids are reading.

Square numbers in your head.

Lot of math nerds in this thread.

Advanced calculus

Bonus points if you’re doing DifEq.

“Fuck. About to finish. Time to sneakily pull out and take a 15 sec break while I kiss her, call her beautiful and tell her what position I want to do next!”

You had me until the beautiful part.

I always think of the most efficient way to design a fridge, and where my food would go in that fridge. Very satisfying.

It’s always a dilemma about what goes up top: milk or my juice pouches.

Poop. I think of poop.

You’re just sick, man.

Naming all the pokemon I can in my head

Gotta catch ’em all.

I usually give myself trivia, like name the 50 state capitols or Name all 9 radiohead albums.

Radiohead? Ha! Nerd.

I try and name all of the presidents. I usually only get to Millard Fillmore.

I’m trying to just last longer, not lose my erection.

I close my eyes and think of england.

Those blokes have a way with cumming.

Thinking about speeches of Russian politicians in 20th century.

Thinking of Putin might make me harder.

Licking my grandma’s scabbed kneecap.

We found the sickest dude in the world.

I stop picturing someone else.

I think we have a winner.

To read more tips on how to last longer, click here.

[via Reddit]

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