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25 Annoying Things Drunk Girls Do

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25 Annoying Things Drunk Girls Do

We all know and love the promiscuity of drunk girls, but they can be a double-edged sword. Here are 25 annoying things drunk girls do on the reg:

1. Talk about how much they’ve had to drink, often exaggerating wildly.

2. Talk about how much they’re capable of drinking, and then throw up on your shoes.

3. Expect free booze, and then complain when it isn’t Grey Goose mixed with 18 ounces of cranberry juice.

4. Become even shittier at beer pong, which they weren’t any good at to begin with.

5. If they somehow succeed, even in the smallest way, during a drinking game, everyone within a mile radius hears the celebration that follows.

6. Their voices go up 2 octaves and 50 decibels.

7. Talk about non-brothers that you don’t give two shits about.

8. Change the music to their favorite song, which is probably Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus and makes you want to commit suicide.

9. Lose their valuables in the house, and later, insist they were stolen.

10. Ask to keep their stuff in your locked room, and later, when they can’t get in because you’re busy with another girl, bitch because they can’t get their stuff.

11. Strip on the dance floor, but feel uncomfortable in the unisex bathroom.

12. Say “I never throw up” while insisting on being part of a shotgun circle, right before projectile vomiting on your chest.

13. Refuse to vomit in an actual trashcan or a toilet.

14. Talk about how much fun other parties were to try and impress you.

15. Attempt to dance on something precarious, and injure themselves.

16. Spill at least one drink.

17. Have at least one drink spilled on them.

18. Tell you all about how much they hate that inconsiderate bitch who spilled a drink on them.

19. Try to make food in the house kitchen, make a giant mess, and the end result will not be edible.

20. Insist their communications, art history, elementary education, or women’s studies classes are difficult.

21. Try to get special treatment despite not knowing a single brother.

22. Take shitloads of pictures, even though you’re on social probation and repeatedly asked that they refrain from doing so.

23. Post every single one of those damning pictures on Facebook with an incredibly unoriginal album title.

24. Roam in packs, and the ugly one in the group will cock block you from the hot one that was finally drunk enough to fuck you.

25. Bite the shit out of your lip during a makeout, because they think it’s sexy.

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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin

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