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4 Real Stories That Prove Our Former Presidents Drank A Lot

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Regester has ranked the U.S. presidents based on who he would like to party with. Based on historical evidence, the rankings seem trustworthy. In 2015, Brian Adams wrote a book titled “Party Like a President: True Tales of Inebriation, Lechery, and Mischief From the Oval Office” in which he outlined some of our former presidents’ habits to hit the bottle. He also threw some of their favorite cocktail recipes in the book. provided us with four of the best stories from our presidents’ past (three of them made Dan’s top 20).

Ulysses S. Grant

Grant developed an historic reputation as a drunk during his Civil War days when soldiers and newspaper reporters saw the Union general staggering around, swilling whiskey from a canteen or, in the case of one inspection tour, projectile-vomiting onto his horse’s mane.

Who hasn’t thrown up on the side of their car? Grant made it cool to do so. He was also known for gargling wine laced with coke to numb the pain of throat cancer during his later years before death — which he brought upon himself for using snuff and smoking cigars for most of his life.

Grover Cleveland

During his first campaign, a run for district attorney, Cleveland cut back his sudsy consumption—to a gallon of beer per night.

You know you have a drinking problem when you consider cutting back to be only drinking a gallon of beer a night, which equates to about ten beers. That’s even on a regular night, too. Not just your run-of-the-mill Friday night. What was he doing before? Three gallons? Four? Given the size of his beer belly, it’s safe to say Cleveland enjoyed him some brews.

Warren G. Harding

Although he voted for Prohibition as a senator, the whiskey aficionado hypocritically kept a fully stocked sidebar in the White House. At smoke-filled poker nights held twice a week, Abrams says the whiskey flowed freely, even by a guest’s pet monkey who poured a bottle all over Harding’s white suit.

Just because you made voted for Prohibition doesn’t mean that you can’t bend the rules for yourself when you’re in charge. Man needed his whiskey.

Lyndon B. Johnson

As president, Johnson threw massive barbeques for dignitaries and media members at his Texas ranch, and his Styrofoam cup of Cutty Sark was a constant companion. “Johnson had this Lincoln Continental convertible customized with mud-grip tires and a reinforced undercarriage to cruise the ranch,” Abrams says. “He’d drive reporters around the ranch, and he would stop and stick his Styrofoam cup out of the window whenever he needed a refill from the portable scotch bar in the trailing Secret Service vehicle.”

Having a portable scotch bar following you wherever you go is FAF.


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