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4 Types Of Formal Dates

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4 Types Of Formal Dates

The girl that everyone in the house knows….and likes.

This girl is usually from a past Greek Week or HC pairing. It’s the next semester, and you’re paired with a different house, but she still comes over all the time. She’s always a good time, and is always down to rage, but has never done anything incredibly stupid or annoying. She can somehow get on almost every guy’s level in the house, but still somehow manages to keep it relatively classy. Although she’s never dated, or most likely even hooked up, with anyone in the house, everyone enjoys her presence at anytime, day or night. She’s never anyone’s first choice when it comes to selecting a formal date (the chance of sex is low), but if all else fails she is definitely a good backup, and is always invited by someone.

The raging slut that everyone in the house knows…and no one likes.

It all started when she was ONE blackout brother’s LAST RESORT for a hookup on a Saturday night. She left the next morning, and that Monday the guy who took her down was torn apart in chapter for slamming such a promiscuous individual. But that wasn’t the end. Over the next few months or so (maybe even longer) she continued to return to the house. Every. Single. Night. No one calls her over…she just shows up, and she’s constantly on the prowl. She repeatedly succeeds in taking down random drunks who are far beyond the state of reasonable decision making. She develops a crazy nickname that becomes known by the whole house, and most of the house dogs have shamefully woken up next to her. Like a bad itch, she just won’t go away, no matter how much everyone prays that she will.

The raging slut that most people like.

This is a hard situation to explain. This is someone who has possibly hooked up with four or five guys in the house, but doesn’t follow all the characteristics of the girl mentioned above. In short and simple terms, this is that hot girl that is great time to hang out with, and develops repeat hookup relationships with more than one member over the course of multiple semesters, but everyone still enjoys her presence. She’s like the first girl I mentioned in this column, except she puts out, and she puts out a lot.

Who the fuck invited her?

This is usually a freshman or sophomore. She comes over all the time, even when no one invites her. On the weekends her and her friends get blackout, and then at 4:30am they bitch about trying to get a ride home because they can’t function anymore and refuse to sleep at the house until morning. You kind of wonder if she ever has hooked up with anyone at all. It’s not like no one wants her around when she comes over. She’s not ugly. Actually, most of the time she’s pretty good looking. It’s just that thought of knowing that no matter how much you pursue it, there is no way it would happen, and she’s straight up annoying as fuck. She somehow makes it to your formal, maybe even more than one year, and everyone shakes their head in disbelief. It’s impossible to predict who will invite her, but someone always fucks up, gets too drunk, and does it.

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