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49ers Vets Stick Rookie With Insane Dinner Tab

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A few San Francisco 49ers veterans dragged rookie running back Mike Davis out to a nice dinner and stuck him with the $1,878 bill.

Davis, a fourth-round draft pick, will take home $435,000 this season. His contract also came with $468,000 in guaranteed money. It’s not that he can’t afford it, but running backs are typically the least durable players on an NFL roster, so Davis needs to be careful with his finances. Considering teams are willing to dump running backs for a cheaper alternative at the drop of a hat, it would be wise for Davis to take some financial literacy courses, as well.

I’m not blaming the guy. It’s not like he had a choice when a bunch of vets handed him the check, but it would still be unfortunate to see this guy tank out of the league in two or three years and know he got screwed over by some vets.

As usual, NFL Training Camp is filled with stories like this. Camp is more than just football practice; it’s about building team unity before the start of a grueling 17-week season. It’s good for the vets to beat down on the rookies a little bit so they understand the hierarchy of the team. That said, it is kind of douchey to rob a man of $2,000 right off the bat. Even in the NFL, that is a lot of money for a rookie to give up. It’s not nearly as bad as the $55,000 bill some Cowboys players dropped on Dez Bryant (who, by the way, did catch the ball), but it’s still enough to have a meaningful impact on the kid’s finances.

Tape the rookie to the goalpost or shave his head or something. Leave the man’s money alone.

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