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5 Frat Stand-Up Comedy Specials That You Need To Check Out

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The stand-up special is an under-appreciated art form. A comic crafting an hour of material, where each joke flows into the next one. A routine where every joke is funny enough to stand on its own, but the whole special can also stand as one comprehensive body of work.

What makes a stand-up special “frat?” Well, quite simply one where the comic and their material has “frat” qualities. Where the comedian (or comedienne) has a contagious energy and an aggressive, cocky stage presence. And the material is about shit like partying, girls, alcohol, etc. as well.

Without any further ado, these are my top 5 frat stand-up specials. Watch these on any drunken night when you need a quick laugh.

5. Eddie Murphy Raw

Eddie Murphy

Image via YouTube

This classic concert film captures Eddie at the height of his superstardom. He was the biggest comic of the ’80s and the special shows it. A bulk of the material revolves around sex and dating, making this special FaF. It also has an extremely cocky tone since a lot of the jokes are about his celebrity status and pussy magnetism, and how 1987 was apparently one giant fuckfest.

Frattest joke: “Having [unprotected] sex is like playing Russian Roulette, and I know I have thrown my dick on the crap table many a night.”

4. Iliza Shlesinger: Freezing Hot


Image via YouTube

She’s still an up-and-comer, but she’s on the brink of being a household name. Iliza’s comedy mainly focuses on dating, sex, gender differences, and partying. Her observational comedy has gained her a huge college fanbase. I saw her live in concert about a year ago and the crowd was basically an army of energetic sorority girls with their male counterparts.

Frattest joke: her bit about how everyone has a ‘party goblin’ inside them waiting to come out.

3. Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted?

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.38.56 PM

Image via YouTube

I can’t really think of any other comic that talks about partying more than Nick Swardson. The majority of his jokes in this special are about drinking and weed. He has a constant array of ridiculous party stories and tales of drunken nights filled with debauchery. Very fratty but never overly “bro”-ish, Swardson is funny as shit.

Frattest joke: when he talks about how fast food is shitty when you’re sober but magical when you’re drunk.

2. Dane Cook: Vicious Circle

Dane Cook

Image via YouTube

Yes, I like Dane Cook. Get ready to start typing your hate mail; I can’t wait to see how creative your angry comments are! I already have my popcorn ready. Dane is a phenomenal performer with great stage presence and this special showcases that. I saw him live back in 2007 and the whole 20,000 seat arena was packed with rowdy frat boys and sorority chicks screaming their lungs out.

Frattest joke: his closer about one-night stands and how when women play with their clits they look like DJs.

1. Chris D’Elia: White Male. Black Comic.

Chris D

Image via YouTube

Like a more absurd Dane Cook, Chris focuses on being ridiculous and calling girls out on the silly shit they do (guys, too, though). Everything about him makes him feel like that goofy crazy dude in your little group of chuckleheads. His opening bit about drunk girls is legendary and painfully accurate.

Frattest joke:

Featured Image via YouTube

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