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6 Girls Tell Horror Stories Of Hooking Up With GDIs

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Hooking up is an honor, not a right. Sometimes it can be good, and sometimes it can be bad — and today we are going to explore the bad. I decided to poll my friends who have had the unfortunate experience of hooking up with some non-Greek members. These are cautionary tales for everyone out there considering hooking up with people outside the Greek world.

Here are six real stories girls have shared with me about their sex with GDIs:

1. The Cross Dresser

“We were hooking up and he put on my bedazzled jean shorts and ran out of my apartment. Last and only sexual encounter with a GDI in college. I started chasing him because I wanted my shorts back and he fell while running out and broke my coffee table and a lamp. I was so traumatized I cried and called my BFF because it was 4 a.m. and she was studying abroad and therefore the only person awake. He apparently ran home in them to show his roommates, from what I heard later. GDIs are fucking weird, man.”

2. The Four Drink Fuckboy

“Took him back to my room and we started having sex. Then he wanted a goddamn blowjob so off came the condom and I had to give this dude a blowjob (which tasted like rubber; so fucking gross). It was taking so fucking long, so I looked up at the kid and he was ASLEEP. Literally passed out snoring (slightly) ASLEEP. So I got up, put on some clothes, and tried to wake him up to call him a Lyft back to the car that he was going to sleep in that night. He got up, got dressed, and then threw up (after having, like, four drinks) in the trash room on my hall. He then passed out again in my bed until the morning.”

3. The Stage Five Clinger

“I hooked up with this guy who was visiting my friend from another school like three states away. He continues to Facebook chat me, and even Facebook chatted my roommate about me. He then tried to invite me to his “formal” (he was on a sports team, not in a frat) three months later, even though he lived hundreds of miles away.”

4. Oh…?

“This may have still happened if he wasn’t a GDI, but I sucked his dick with a condom on because he thought sex and I thought ‘dick,’ hence the condom. Then he called my friend and asked her to pick me up. This was freshman year… so don’t judge me.”

5. The Outsider

“I hooked up with a British guy and when I told him that I was in a sorority he thought it was some type of cult and didn’t understand why anyone would join one.”

6. Dump Him

“My boyfriend [who is a GDI] doesn’t understand what a formal is, and whenever I bring it up he looks at me with this really confused look on his face. Then I have to say ‘that thing I’m making you come to next weekend’ and it all makes sense.”

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