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A Couple Geeds Can’t Get Into Frat Parties, Create Their Own “Fraternity” And It’s Quickly Shut Down

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Geeds Can't Get Into Frat Parties, Create Their Own %22Fraternity%22 And It's Qucikly Shut Down

Fraternities are great. Our standard of living is higher than your typical non-Greek (with the exception to athletes). Greeks generally run the schools. We get to decide who we let into our houses, what types of parties we throw, and we have a plethora of hot sorority babes who want to get with us. Everyone wants a piece of this action.

A few guys at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo found that getting into fraternity parties during the first few weeks of school was damn near impossible as a GDI, so they found what they call a “loophole” in the system, and started their own little “fraternity” — if you can call it that.

From Mustang News:

Dubbing themselves as “Tau Phi,” the men started organizing their personal fraternity by printing out letters to hang on each of their doors and scheduling dance parties in the common room on weekend nights.

CEOs and Office Respectable Women, Lifeguard Bros and Beach Respectable Women, and Whiteouts were three of the big time party themes that Tau Phi hosted in the common room.

Oh damn. They did it, guys. They finally beat the system. Here I was thinking that there wasn’t a way around the whole pledging process, and that no other group could bring the excitement that fraternities could bring. Man, I was wrong. These guys just one-upped us. Tau Phi is so damn exclusive that people are just fighting to get in, according to one of the guys who was involved.

“A couple guys tried to start fights in the tower. I think they were just jealous and bummed out that they couldn’t get in.”

I’m sure they were all bummed they couldn’t get into your middle school dance party. I call it a middle school dance party because there was no alcohol at these “bangers.” Seriously, all they did was play music and dance. The only trouble they had was that the RAs would tell them to turn the music down at night.

“We had nothing illegal going on — I mean, it was a little loud, but we weren’t doing anything that wasn’t allowed,” he said. “We were just dancing and playing music.”

Hard pass. Tau Phi, also known as the residence hall, was put on social probation after the cops were called multiple times to shut down their “Whiteout” party — once again, proving that fraternities may be often imitated, but can never be duplicated.

[via Mustang News]

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