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A Group Of Drunk Women Thought Real Cops Were Male Strippers

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Stripper Cops

It’s been a dark, depressing time for America lately. Every time you turn on the news you see something horrific and tragic. During these trying times, it’s important to find glimmers of hope, tiny specs of positivity to guide you through all the darkness. It’s always an uplifting thing to hear good news. And I’ve got the best news story of 2016 (or 2017, 2018, and 2019 probably).

A group of women were out partying together. They were a group of best friends celebrating one of their friend’s 50th birthday. ‘Twas was quite the celebration apparently. This large gaggle of cougars was being loud and rowdy in a party tent, and they were reportedly getting a little too noisy.

So someone called the police with a noise complaint. When the cops arrived to tell them to keep it down, the group started cheering and “woo”-ing them, confusing them for male strippers in cop costumes. Ladies apparently love a man in uniform, since all these annihilated females ran to the men in blue and started giving them big hugs and took a bunch of selfies with them, shrieking with joy like 11-year-old girls that just met Justin Bieber.

From NBC:

Revelers posed for pictures with the officers and female party-goers asked for hugs with the men in uniform. But the two professionals needed something for their police report — routine procedure — and asked for the birthday girl’s phone number.

The best, and most ironic, part is that this only made the noise even worse. All their excitement for Magic Mike shenanigans caused their volume to intensify — “it boosted the amusement of the ladies sky-high,” the police department said.

The fun was over when the ladies finally were brought back to harsh reality and noticed the cop cars, realizing that these were real policemen and not the entertainment for the evening.

Next time you’re depressed or angry, if you ever go through some kind of existential crisis, take solace in the fact that one time a bunch of 50-year-old women thought the actual police were male strippers. Maybe, just maybe, it can remind you that the world can sometimes be a beautiful place and you’ll smile for a brief moment.

Also, Channing Tatum, you got some competition now.

[via NBC]

Image via YouTube

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