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A North Texas Homecoming Banger Literally Brought The Whole House Down

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“Who do you know here?”

That phrase has become a running joke. The shining example of how fraternity men will do anything to flaunt their exclusivity on others. It is perceived as a proverbial “fuck you” to anyone who isn’t a part of our organizations. But have people ever considered the logic behind that statement? This story out of Denton is a pretty good example of our rationale.

One student at the University of North Texas came face to face with the reality of what can happen if you neglect to vet partygoers. Just as things were getting rocking Saturday night, UNT student Abiola Busari noticed that his small gathering had quickly spiraled into a full-fledged banger with hella randos. Before he could settle the crowd, his third level apartment came crashing down through the floor causing irreparable damage.

From WFAA:

At least 50 residents from a Denton apartment complex have been displaced after the floor of a third-story unit collapsed during a party late Saturday night.

According to Denton Fire Captain Brian Glenn, initial calls came in just before 2 a.m. Sunday when the collapse prompted a second floor sprinkler system to go off at The Ridge at North Texas.

Denton police say all occupants of the apartment were successfully evacuated, and only minor injuries were reported.

Abiola Busari, a junior at University of North Texas, hosted the homecoming party and lives in the unit that collapsed. Busari says he fell through the floor himself, and that the party spiraled out of control when people he didn’t know suddenly appeared.

I hope he has renter’s insurance. Mad respect to this guy for trying to deflect blame as soon as possible. It wasn’t him or his friends, it was all of those damn randos. The only thing you can blame him for is throwing such a good party that everyone wanted to come to it. If you ask me, everyone in attendance should be chipping in to the 10 grand needed to fix the damn place. Even for those of us who weren’t there, you can go to the guy’s GoFundMe page and throw him a few sympathy bucks. You can’t possibly expect him to take 100 percent of the responsibility, can you?

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Is this a Texas apartment or film from the set of San Andreas? Where is the Rock? That kind of wreckage has to be seen to be believed. There had to be at least 100 people present to cause something like this to happen.

Glenn says at least 30 people were in the apartment when the floor gave way, although some witnesses and Twitter video of the incident show more people.

Just 30 people were able to make the floor collapse? Do the authorities really buy that? Right. I’ve told this same story before. Going back to my high school glory days, far too many times I was put in the position where I had to explain to the cops how it was only 15, maybe 20 kids at most, waking the whole neighborhood up.

There’s a lesson to this story, kids: Try to be less laissez-faire about how many people you are letting into your parties, or at minimum keep them on solid ground. Either way, for the rest of my life, as long as the roof doesn’t come crashing down on me, it will be really hard to get mad at my neighbors.

[via WFAA]

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