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A Timeline Of How My Respect For Tiger Woods Has Changed

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Tiger Woods is an icon in American culture. For years he’s been a sports legend and he was once one of the most dominant athletes to ever walk the earth, along with the ranks of Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Phelps and even minor league baseball player Michael Jordan.

Throughout this past decade, Tiger’s teflon image and lovable public persona took a massive hit after some scandals. It’s always unfortunate to see a talented athlete fall from grace. That’s why my favorite athletes are the wholesome, scandal free-ones like Aaron Hernandez, Michael Vick and O.J. Simpson.

I’ve gone through a personal journey in terms of how I’ve viewed Tiger throughout my life. My opinion on him has zig zagged around a lot. But one thing we can’t argue against is that the man is one of the greatest golfers to ever grab a club, second only to Happy Gilmore.

People change, and opinions change. Let’s take a look at the evolution of my Tiger Woods fandom.

The Late 1990s
I was born in ‘93 so I was too young to really know or pay attention to Tiger’s rise in the ranks. In terms of athletes, I was too busy being obsessed with Michael Jordan to give a crap about any other human being on Earth. I was a ’90s kid growing up in Chicago, legally I had to be obsessed with MJ or I’d be put in prison.

Early 2000s
By now I had obviously heard of Tiger, and I had an admiration for him. My dad is a big golf guy and a die hard Tiger fan, so I grew up liking him because he was basically a saint in our house. But, at the same time, golf just puts me to sleep. So while I liked Tiger, I still never could keep my eyes open to watch him in spurts longer than 3 minutes. Watching golf is like watching paint dry. Except the paint is wearing a collared shirt and khakis.

Mid 2000s
My admiration for him really started to grow when I rented the PS2 Game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 from Blockbuster and it was my shit. Those were good days.

Here’s when things got interesting. Out of nowhere, Tiger got caught redhanded in a massive infidelity scandal. The man had a ton of mistresses, he cheated on his wife with over a dozen breastaurant waitresses. I had always been a casual fan, but it was in this moment that Tiger became my hero. I had no idea that a golfer could pull so much ass. Golf is the least sexually appealing sport in North America. A golf club is like a pussy repellent stick. But then Tiger comes along, hits a few home runs (I don’t know golf lingo) and bangs every woman he meets. Inspiring. A pornstar even alleged that Tiger texted her asking if she wanted a golden shower. For years we’ve wanted an R. Kelly for sports, and we finally found him. It’s about damn time.

Every hero falls and has his comeback. Thank you for the daily motivation, Tiger. Every day I respect you more and more.

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Wally Bryton

TFM's most beloved writer

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