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Absolutely Hilarious Vine Shows Exactly How Not To Jump Hurdles

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I have to give you guys ample warning: the following Vine is pretty graphic. It’s almost painful to watch, but only until you realize it’s undeniably hilarious. Hopefully, it might serve as a tutorial for you aspiring Olympic runners out there, because this is absolutely, 100 percent the wrong way to go about clearing hurdles.

Awful, I know. Zero chance of landing a scholarship with a performance like that.

After watching way too many loops of it, I must say, I’m left with a few questions.

Like, was this actually a decent runner who experienced the two most brutal fails of her life, and they happened to be caught on camera? Because prior to the two train wreck attempts at clearing those hurdles, it appears as if she’s actually in the lead (or at least not in last place). I’m no runner, but her form on the first jump looked okay, I guess. Just a little premature.

Regardless, it has to be some kind of a physiological miracle that she even stood up and attempted to clear the next hurdle in her path, right? I literally thought she tore every ligament in both of her knees simultaneously upon landing the first time, and it looked like she sustained enough whiplash to warrant a brutal concussion that would leave you feeling like you had the worst hangover of your life for at least a week.

Lastly, what the hell was she even thinking by attempting the next jump? In the proposed case of a concussion, maybe she wasn’t, because common sense would tell any normal person who just busted her ass in such a horrifying fashion that the race was over for her right then and there. If you couldn’t gather enough speed at a full-steam ahead pace heading toward the previous hurdle, there’s just no way you can defy physics and muster up enough to clear the next one. But nope, she didn’t want to hear that. Fueled by the adrenaline of competition, she just kept going…down to the track…face first.

On one hand, I want to applaud the effort, because no one likes a quitter and this chick showed a lot of heart. But on the other, I want her to go to the medical tent immediately and seek assistance ASAP.

Image via Vine

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