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Adidas Unveils The Most Hideous College Basketball Uniforms Ever, Forces Schools To Wear Them in Postseason

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The bad idea hall of fame just got a little more crowded, as UCLA, Baylor, Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Louisville and Kansas are about to be forced to don the most ridiculous uniforms the NCAA has maybe ever seen. We’ve had to suffer through Oregon’s radioactive green and yellow phase, and Maryland’s Under Armour state flag uniforms, but this is going a bit too far. It has been reported that all of these teams will wear these jerseys at least once in either their conference tournament or the NCAA tournament itself.

It pretty much looks like a bad jersey/Zubaz pants combo your dad would wear in the 90s. Why Adidas would decide to punish the schools that wear their brand is beyond me. Jerseys in college sports have gotten a little out of hand lately, if you ask me. Collegiate athletics are about tradition, and Adidas is shitting all over that tradition. Lime green for Notre Dame? What the hell is happening here?

UCLA, Louisville and Baylor’s new jerseys will even have sleeves. SLEEVES! On a basketball uniform! I’ve always harbored the belief that Nike is far and away a better college outfitter than Adidas, and this only confirms that belief. I have no idea what the fine folks at Adidas were thinking when these came out of the art department, but if I were the head honcho over there, heads would be rolling. I’m talking scorched earth to the entire design department and a full scale investigation into whose idea this was, then publicly shame that person by forcing them to wear these jerseys in front of their children while being pelted with rotten vegetables.

Students at Kansas have even gone as far as petitioning the White House to prevent the Jayhawks from wearing these abortions. As a Mizzou grad, nothing would make me happier than to see Kansas prancing around on the hardwood in something from a Tim Burton wet dream. Best of luck to you, Kansas students.

[via Business Insider]


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