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Air Force Hopes To Deploy Swarms Of Suicide Drones To Combat Enemy Missiles

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Imagine a future where a Commie surface-to-air missile is hurdling towards an American stealth bomber. But before the missile can hit its target, a dozen mini drones swarm out of the bomber’s undercarriage. Some lead the missile away from the bomber. Some jam enemy radars and seek out from where the missile was launched. Some crash kamikaze-style into shit on the ground. The bomber, meanwhile, continues along its merry way unscathed before dropping its payload on Putin’s stupid fucking face.

This is the dream DARPA has for its Gremlins project (how fucking cool of a name is “Gremlins” for a swarm of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles?). The Pentagon believes the creative use of drone technology will be crucial for the advancement of aerial warfare, especially with the ever-increasing hostility from capable enemies like Russia and China.

From Maxim:

“In the olden days we’d say, ‘I need a stealth bomber to get through that,'” Col Burdine told Flightglobal, “Now we might say, ‘I need a stealth bomber that’s equipped with the Gremlins project.'”

He continued, explaining how those kamikaze drone units might function:

“I need a stealth bomber that’s going to get close, and then it’s going to drop a whole bunch of smalls – some are decoys, some are jammers, some are [intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance] looking for where the SAMs are. Some of them are kamikaze airplanes that are going to kamikaze into those SAMs, and they’re cheap. You have maybe 100 or 1,000 surface-to-air missiles, but we’re going to hit you with 10,000 smalls, not 10,000 MQ-9s. That’s why we want smalls.”

This shit is straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

[via Maxim]

Image via YouTube

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