Almost 7 Grand Spent On Booze For Illinois State Around The World Party

From our tipster:

Here is a highlight video of an Around The World party at Illinois State University. Video was just completed today. It is a 4 house, house crawl. Mexico, Germany, Ireland, America. 714 people paid (so there was probably more that snuck in) The final house, America, is the Sig Tau House on campus.

Just incase you were curious, here's the booze list:

Mexico: 30 cases of Tecate, 30 cases of Corona Extra, 9 handles of Jose (pre cut limes)
Germany: 30 cases of Becks, 30 cases of Pauli Girl, 16 bottles of Rumple Minze, 16 bottle of Goldschlager
Ireland: 30 cases of Guinness, 25 cases of Harps, 25 cases of Smithwicks, 9 handles of Jameson, 14 bottles of Baileys
America: 50 cases of Budweiser, 2 handles of Fireball.

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