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Alt-Right Group Says They’re Going To Keep Black People In Philadelphia From Voting By Handing Out Weed and 40s

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Personally, I don’t buy that this is real. I do feel confident that someone came up with this idea and expressed an interest in executing it, but nobody is actually rolling around west Philadelphia (my knowledge of Philadelphia’s “ghettos” is based entirely on Fresh Prince lyrics) handing out dime bags and O.E. High Gravity.


neo-Nazi leader Andrew Anglin claims to have partnered with the alt-right site to monitor polling places and intimidate voters in Philadelphia and elsewhere on Election Day. The group says it plans to accomplish its goal Tuesday through handing out “40s and weed” in “the ghettos in Philly,” according to an email sent to Politico.

“We also have some teams going in to the ghettos in Philly with 40s and weed to give out to the local residents, which we think will lead to more of them staying home,” read the email sent by an unnamed team member. “We have had success with this in the past.”

The staggering amount of logistical problems with this plan is what keeps me from believing anyone is actually going to try to go through with it.

How do these alt-right guys explain what they’re doing to the people they’re giving drugs to without getting their asses kicked? Is that part of the plan? The black people they’re trying to stop from voting kick the absolute shit out of the human garbage attempting hand out weed and booze and then maybe they end up raiding their truck full of party favors and inadvertently keep themselves from the polls anyway?

Also, there’s no way most people would trust someone just handing out drugs, to say nothing of how little black people would trust a bunch of white guys rolling through the neighborhood handing out weed.

On top of that, I don’t think these guys are capable of buying that much weed and 40s. This isn’t a SuperPAC. They don’t have the budget to keep any meaningful amount of people away from the polls, assuming the plan would even work on a large scale at all (which it wouldn’t).

One also has to wonder if anyone willing to take free drugs and alcohol from strangers would even become too incapacitated by them to vote. They’re not handing out heroin. If you’re taking free intoxicants your tolerance probably isn’t low. And I doubt anyone shameless enough to accept free drugs from a random douchebag would exactly feel bad about showing up to the polls fucked up. I know I wouldn’t. I’ve been much drunker in far more inappropriate places (funerals, Taylor Swift concert, church, etc.).

But most of all, they don’t have the balls to do this. Going back to my original point, whoever is put on/volunteers for delivery duty would rightfully get their shit kicked in. Though to be fair, anyone willing to risk their safety for Donald Trump — a man I feel safe assuming would definitely let someone die in a flaming car wreck if he knew that pulling them out of it would cause him to strain a muscle — is absolutely dumb enough to be down with this plan.

In the interest of balance, though, here’s a valid counterpoint: I’d believe anything about this election. So maybe this is legit.

Honestly I hope they try.

Tomorrow is gonna be fuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


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