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Amherst Professor Sued For Telling Assistants To Bang Students In Effort To Boost Enrollment

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How do you get college students to enroll in your Spanish class? Turn that shit into a brothel and pimp out your teaching assistants to horny college kids. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy. That is, until one of the TAs gets all uppity and files a lawsuit.

It’s an idea ripped straight from the plot line of a late night Skinemax series. A professor’s Spanish class is on the verge of being shut down due to waning enrollment rates. So, in a last ditch effort to save her job, the professor tells her young, supple-bodied, Colombian teaching assistants to hit up college parties, give them the sex, and tell them to sign up for Español if they want more.

“Thanks, big boy. That was fun. Now sign up for Spanish and I’ll let you follar mi cullo.”

“Wait. What does that mean? Hey! Come back! Dammit, I wish I knew Spanish!”

Unfortunately, the plan did too little, too late. The professor was fired earlier this year due to low enrollment, and now, one of the TAs has filed a lawsuit.

From The Washington Post:

Dimaris Barrios-Beltran, a former lecturer in the Spanish department at Amherst, claimed discrimination, retaliation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and wrongful termination in a lawsuit against Amherst and her former supervisor, Victoria Maillo. The suit describes her as becoming concerned soon after she was hired in 2012, which is when Barrios-Beltran claims Maillo told her she liked to find “pretty faces” online to hire as teaching assistants in order to attract more students to Spanish classes and spoke disparagingly about some students and Barrios-Beltran’s Puerto Rican accent.

Early in 2013, Barrios-Beltran’s teaching assistant called her in tears, according to the lawsuit, saying that Maillo was treating her like a prostitute. The teaching assistant claimed that Maillo was angry that she was dating a student at the University of Massachusetts and told her and other teaching assistants to go to parties with students and sleep with them to encourage them to take Spanish. Barrios-Beltran claims that in frustration, the teaching assistant asked Maillo if she wanted her to sleep with a different guy every night like another teaching assistant was doing, and the teaching assistant told Barrios-Beltran that Maillo responded, “that is what I brought you here for.

This is a textbook case of a ho not knowing her place. I’ve seen it dozens of times in the streets. Maillo kept her pimp hand weak, and now she’s paying the price.

Do more, Maillo. You’ve got to make your hookers physically dependent on your business by getting them addicted to crack. That’s just Thug Life 101.

It’s true what they say. Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

[via The Washington Post]

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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