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An Analysis Of The Parties Banned By University Of Texas IFC

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ut austin

There’s an unwritten implication on each campus of the parties that an organization can and cannot throw. For instance, a party with a theme that involves Latin American culture or tradition might be a no-go in California or Arizona, but could go over fine somewhere like Montana. Each school is going to be a little different in that regard, but very few of them will have a list of parties that are officially advised against. I found the one from University of Texas, and will be taking a closer look at what parties are off-limits in Austin.

Ghetto Fabulous / “Urban Theme” / G’d Up

I’m really glad to say that I’ve never been at a party called “G’d Up.” For one, it sounds like “Geed up.” It also sounds like the party of choice for henley-wearing douches that think Logic and G-Eazy are the best rappers in the game.

White / Trailer Trash Bash / Chicks and Hicks

I actually don’t see any problem with this party, and have attended several good ones with this theme. Every single race and ethnic background on the planet has its own trailer trash, and I think that’s something we can all celebrate.

Gnarly on a Harley

It offends me how stupid and poorly thought out this theme is, so it has definitely earned a place on this list.

Golf Pros and Tennis Hos (just say NO to anything involving the word ‘ho’)

You heard it here first: “Just say no, if it says Ho.”


This one just seems creepy as all shit, and probably made this list because one of the smaller fraternities has an overzealous future sex offender for a social chair.

Porn Stars and Directors

It’s my sincere hope that there was a photo booth at this party that printed out your photos with a Brazzers logo.

Gals and Gauchos


Dirty Doctors and Naughty Nurses

I read somewhere that there are actually more male than female nurses now. You can quote stuff like that when explaining this theme away.

Headmasters and Schoolgirls

I guess you could argue that the girls are the head masters. Wow, that was bad.

Cowboys and Indians

Another tired theme that isn’t even worth getting in trouble for.

With those out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the suggested party themes.


Really, UT? You’re going to have fun at the expense of a fiscally-challenged nation such as Greece? That makes me sick.

Famous Couples

Yeah, ooookay. This one would be fine until a couple showed up as Kurt Cobain and a shotgun. I guess bringing a shotgun to a party isn’t a good call no matter what the theme is.

Company Christmas / Office Space

I don’t understand why college students would want to throw this party, as it’ll be their reality for many years to come.

Rumple in the Jungle

Rumple? Fucking Rumple?

Pajama Jam

I’m surprised “Andy Griffith Jam” and “Scripture Jam” aren’t on the list.

[via The College Fix]

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