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An Interview With Rapper “Outasight,” The Guy Whose Music You’ll Be Raging Balls To

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If you haven’t heard Outasight, well, you have heard Outasight, you might just not know it. His single, Tonight is the Night, was one of the biggest hits of 2011. The quickly rising party rapper, whose first full album, Nights Like These, released November 27th, was nice enough to chat with us about his new album, getting drunk, and what inspires the party vibe in his music.

I’ve seen pictures AND videos of you before, which means in a literal sense you are very much visible, sir. So where then does the name “Outasight” come from?

Haha, yeah I guess I am quite visible. The name comes from my original rap name, which I came up with as a kid, Outsight. Instead of taking notes, all I did was draw that name in my notebook and one day it became Outasight. Been running with it ever since.

Critics say your music draws influence from rock, rap, R&B…pretty much everything except Bluegrass and Nordic Death Metal. How would you describe your sound?

I was contemplating my second album being all Nordic Death Metal/Bluegrass mashups so I wanted to leave those out. Really though, I just describe my sound as pop music that is inspired by my iTunes playlist, which means, every genre that a good song could possibly be in can inspire my next song. I just love music.

Regardless of how anyone would describe your music, most of your songs definitely have an upbeat, party type vibe to them. Your upcoming album is even titled “Nights Like These.” Is this inspired by years of raging balls in New York City and a desire to help people across the country rage balls as well? If so, that is, in fact, quite inspirational.

Yes, I grew up around 30 minutes out of the city (New York), so, growing up, it was either kegs and house parties in the burbs or train down to the city to clubs/bars/raves. Raging has definitely been an inspiration. So much so in my liner notes I shout out my homies and let em know that the partying we’ve done has definitely helped inspire some of these songs.

You’ve had a relatively meteoric rise, especially after your single “Tonight Is The Night” went off. What’s been the most ridiculous part of all that?

I dunno, it’s all been just an awesome experience. I was dead broke when I got the call that Tonight is The Night was going to be in a Pepsi commercial. It’s been a crazy ride, so it’s kinda ridiculous to see how fast things can change.

Already in your career you’ve been able to do some pretty cool things. What was the bigger honor, having “Tonight Is The Night” used as the theme for the 1000th Episode of WWE Monday Night Raw or playing the same music festival as Ghostface Killah? I guess you can answer with something else if you want, but those seemed like the two best to me.

Haha, Ghostface is super dope but that was a long time ago, and I wasn’t able to really enjoy that. For me personally, playing Jimmy Fallon with The Roots as my backing band was the biggest honor. I’m a huge Roots fan, seen them live a bunch, so to be up there rocking with them on national TV was really dope.

What do you want people to know about your upcoming album, “Nights Like These,” before they go out and buy it?

That it’s an excellent “soundtrack to your life” kind of album. Riding in the car, blaring in your headphones, pre-gaming, or at your party. Very versatile.

Give me your best drinking/party story.

Well. There’s a few…

I do hold the honor of winning 22 straight beer pong games with my homie Glenn, something I’ll never shut up about. Most likely though, a great memory is putting down a keg with around 8 homies one night in zero degree weather and snow, and we all hoisted that bitch up like the Stanley Cup.

You’ve played a lot of college shows and were featured on mtvU early in your career. What’s your favorite part of playing for the college crowd?

College shows have the best crowds and energy. There’s a certain kinda vibe that only college shows can bring, it’s hard to explain, but it can turn into a real party, not just a show, and that’s the best shit out.

Ideally, aside from stadium status and five-ways with models on the reg, where do you hope to go with your career from here?

To continue putting out music, to keep getting better as an artist, and tour and see the world. I consider my job as living the dream, so I’m gonna work my ass off to keep it going.

Give me your favorite TFM.

Piecing together your Saturday night on Sunday with the help of other people’s stories while eating wings and watching NFL. TFM


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