Trump’s Former Butler Is A Bit Of A Loose Cannon Who Thinks Obama Shoud Be Publicly Hanged

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Trump's Fomer Butler Is A Bit Of A Loose Cannon

Pictured above is Anthony Senecal, the former butler of the current Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. The guy looks like your typical butler that a super rich person would have. He looks like he’d be a nice dude who would offer you some sort of beverage upon arriving and treat guests with the utmost respect.

Given that Trump, himself, has a bit of a mouth on him and he says what he thinks and doesn’t really hold back, you kinda need that balance in a house. Trump provides the fire, and Senecal is the nice dude, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong. Anthony is Donald Trump on steroids mixed with more steroids. Just take a look at some of these opinions he had during a phone interview with NBC News.

First up: what he thinks about our current president, Barrack Obama.

“There’s more than some issues with [President Obama] — he’s a goddamn traitor, T-R-A-I-T-O-R,” Senecal said. “I think he should be hung. I think he should be hung next to Hillary Clinton, and I think it should be public, I think it should be televised.”

He added: “I think it ought to be done from the portico of the White Mosque — it used to be the White House.”

Weellll then. A little extreme. Maybe just mention the removal of him from office and Hillary to prison, but also a public hanging? C’mon, dude. Not even Saddam’s hanging was public.

He didn’t stop taking shots at the Obamas, either. He went so far as to call their kids “rent-a-kids.”

“first of all, they don’t even look like him. There’s no notification of their birth. I haven’t seen a baby picture yet.”

So Trump wants Obama’s birth certificate and his butler wants the kids’ birth certificates. Meanwhile, I’ve lost my birth certificate. So bring on the conspiracy theories.

And, of course, Senecal touched on Muslims.

“We need to bomb em out,” he said. “I could care less if they’re in the U.S. — I don’t want em in the U.S., they don’t belong here. They belong in the sand dunes where they came from.”

Didn’t think anyone could make Trump look tame, but Anthony did it. He really did it.

[via NBC News]

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