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Appalachian State Is Doing Away With Homecoming King And Queen Because It’s Too Gender Focused

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Appalachian State University has changed the titles of Homecoming “King and Queen” to “Royalty” in an attempt to be more gender inclusive per a statement on the university’s website.

According to Appalachian State’s mission statement, one of the University’s goals is to, “promote a spirit of inclusion that inspires students, faculty, and staff to form relationships extending well beyond graduation.” In celebration of the University’s commitment to inclusion, we will be selecting 9 individuals who represent the best of the best that Appalachian State has to offer. They will be our Homecoming Royalty. Out of these 9 participants, the student body will crown one “Top of the Rock”. Our selection process will remain the same, however, our pool of candidates will focus on who brings the most to our campus community. The homecoming committee is very excited to make these changes and cannot wait to see who will be crowned Top of the Rock 2016!

Not sure if this is complete bull or a genius move on behalf of the folks in charge of App’s homecoming. On one hand, changing certain longstanding traditions is a real weak thing to do. Homecoming King and Queen are actually a pretty cool deal at the college level, especially at universities that have large student populations. It shows that you’re both sociable and involved enough on campus to be recognized publicly by your peers. Unlike in high school, where the dude with the loudest weed and the lady with the loosest lips get to wear the crown, college students actually have to do something.

On the other hand, changing something’s name and doing nothing differently is lowkey slick. The only other thing that appears to be switched is the pairing, but it’s not every day that two people running for court in tandem win the whole enchilada. It’s like calling your bum knee a “sports-related medical issue” or arson “a mistake.” Completely flips the connotation without any real differences.

Regardless of how you look at the move, it’s only taken two years of playing at the FBS level for App State to start publicly throwing around terms like “spirit of inclusion.” That must be some kind of record. Any FCS school that just wants a shot at the Natty should stick with the North Dakota State model. Recruit based on the “big fish, small pond” model and clean up without all the media pressure. Your students will thank you, and nobody outside your university will know what’s going on.

[via Appalachian State University]

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