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It’s Time We Appreciate Live Music Again

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Unfortunately, the age of Spotify and other streaming sources has dissuaded many listeners from attending live shows. While concert tickets are expensive and studio recordings often sound better, nothing compares to the sights and sounds of a live show. Whether you are paying to see Migos or some no-name local band, you will always go home with a crazy story; the atmosphere and wild situations that play out at any given band’s concert are nothing short of amazing.

Although you can certainly save some time and money by listening to the same songs in the comfort of your own home, is that really worth it? I highly doubt that you regularly witness people drinking out of cowboy boots, instigating group brawls, and banging in port-a-potties in your own home, and that is the greatest allure that concerts have. If you do experience those types of things in your own home, then I’d never leave my place for concerts (or any other reason) either, so I see where you’re coming from.

The “music being made right in front of you” aspect is certainly amazing, but the utter insanity that is concert crowds is what keeps me coming back. With enough liquor and a group of your pledge brothers, any concert can turn into the best night of your life. You don’t even need to necessarily like the band; many of the most entertaining concerts I’ve attended featured bands I had no business paying to see (as I write this, I’m researching Def Leppard tickets to buy). Some of my favorite concert sights include a cop laying a suplex on two fans at an E-40 show, as well as a friend being tasered during a Cage The Elephant set. In no other setting can you watch a fifty-something-year-old melt his brain on hallucinogens while you and the guys seek out a MILF for a quick hookup in the lawn. The mix of attendees ranging from you and your blackout pledge brothers to people who qualify for social security trying to relive their glory days makes for a melting pot that cooks up some absurd antics and bizarre situations.

So the next time a show comes to your town, be adventurous and buy a ticket. No matter the show, one thing is for certain: whether you’re doing half naked Slip ‘N Slides in the mud with coeds or being chased around by stun gun-wielding rent-a-cops, you are never going to head home disappointed.

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