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Area Fraternity Holds Unusual Art Show For Charity

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One local fraternity is being lauded for their “unique and visionary” philanthropic efforts over the past week by showcasing the more creative side of Greek life on campus. It seems that both critics and skeptics alike have embraced the newest members of the regional art community, the brothers of Beta Delta, for their prescient exhibit on brotherhood and young adult life.

“It truly is quite the commentary on the struggle of the college youth trying to make sense of the world in which they find themselves,” proclaimed noted modern art critic Ben Swanson. “The imagery is so vivid and clear, a masterpiece that just cries out for attention.”

The exhibit features a total of eleven pieces, each telling an individual story that layers itself upon the viewer to form a visceral and emotional display of the human condition. Chapter president Tad Williams explains how such an imaginative and ground-breaking work of art came into existence at the house.

“Well, the concept started when we got a surprise visit from nationals, who came to do a house inspection. They were very upset at how many holes we had put in the walls, and basically threatened to raise our insurance rates if we didn’t get them fixed by the end of the month. We meant to do something about it, but kind of forgot until the night before the deadline. That’s when the idea really took shape,” explained Williams.

That night, Williams and the other brothers realized the de facto modern art masterpiece they had created through their own violent self-expression, and went to a local hardware store to buy black frames that would neatly enclose each piece in its own individual space.

“We hung a frame over each hole in the wall and decided to call it an ‘art show’. To be honest, we weren’t really expecting the overwhelming response that we’ve received, which is when we started charging an entrance fee to support our national charity,” described Chapter Treasurer Scott Brooks. “It’s really worked out well, because now we don’t have to fix our walls and we’re also taking care of philanthropy. We definitely did punch those holes in the wall, but now that it’s for the kids I think nationals will not only understand, but appreciate them.”

The chapter has also set up interactive pledge-led tours of the house that offer up the rich history and backstory of each of the eleven pieces scattered throughout the halls of this magnificent building.

“This hole was crafted by brother Riley in a drunken rampage the night he couldn’t find his left Sperry. He had previously thrown it at a pledge coming back from class, who neglected to retrieve it and bring it back inside. Three hours later, upon remembering that he was only wearing one shoe, he demanded the pledge go get his missing one. When the pledge returned empty handed, Riley was finally put in the creative mood to express his inner self at the wall here next to the kitchen,” explained the pledge in charge of leading tours.

“And this one outside Brent’s room has a really interesting story as well. Brent was engaged in a heated game of NHL 16 with brother Mike. Blackhawks versus Canucks, so I don’t have to tell you how intense the setting was at the time. In the last twenty seconds of the third period, Mike scored two back-to-back goals to give him the game. Brent felt inspired by ‘that fuckface Crawford leaving his goddamned five-hole wide open’ to create what you see before you here, our eleventh and final piece,” concluded the pledge.

The brothers of Beta Delta plan on running tours as long as there remains a demand to see them, or at least until nationals gets off their back. They say that they may even get inspired to create some new pieces, pending the evasion of possible anger management courses. We can only hope that these visionary artists continue to grace this community with their imaginative and expressive works of art into the near future.

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