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Auburn Changed Grades and Bribed Players, Denies Everything

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A new report says Auburn’s football program allegedly altered player grades, bribed potential NFL draft picks, and broke all sorts of NCAA recruiting rules.

War dammit, Auburn, y’all screwed up.

According to former New York Times and Sports Illustrated writer, Selena Roberts, three former Auburn players claimed “as many as nine players’ grades were changed before Auburn’s win in the 2011 BCS national championship game.” Former defensive lineman Mike Blanc told Roberts that they couldn’t risk being without running back Mike Dyer, so Auburn “found a way” to make him eligible. Blanc later denied saying this, telling that the article was “outrageous and isn’t true.”

Darvin Adams, a former Auburn wide receiver, is also quoted in the report, saying coaches offered him money to get him to stay, an apparently common practice at the school. The amounts allegedly reached up to thousands of dollars and were even used as a way to get players to “bypass the NFL draft.” The report can be found on Roberts’ website.

As far as these allegations go, Auburn is taking the “Admit nothing, deny everything” approach. I didn’t even need the news to tell me this. Bama fans everywhere are taking a break from being obnoxious to comment on the accusations. Some of my favorite tweets include “I wish I played football at Auburn, my grades could use the help” and “To cooperate with the NCAA, Auburn plans to forfeit all of their SEC wins from 2012…oh, wait.”

Oh, Alabama. Nothing gets past you. Maybe this will distract everyone from what a douche Nick Saban is, but probably not.

[via ESPN]

Image via SportsMagik


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