Auburn Fan Stood To Win $50,000 From $100 Bet, Didn’t Hedge

No matter what he says publicly, Auburn fan Mark Skiba had a shittier night than you did last night. Sure, it started off pretty awesome, as he watched his Tigers jump out to a huge 21-3 lead over Florida State in the BCS National Championship game. Standing to win 50 grand if the lead held up, not to mention the bliss of experiencing your team win a natty, Skiba was riding high, probably throwing around high-fives and clinking beers with his buddies.

Skiba’s bet was placed before the season, when Auburn’s odds of winning the title were 500-to-1. He laid down $100 to win $50,000, and for much of the game, it looked like it would hold up.

From ESPN:

Last January, Skiba’s father was on vacation in Las Vegas when he placed a $100 bet for his son on Auburn to win the title game at 500-to-1 odds.

The Noles then gained momentum in the game and closed the gap, and that’s where Skiba’s night turned south. Obviously, Auburn lost the game in a thriller, and he didn’t win shit. Nothing. He chose not to hedge his bet.

Skiba watched the game in Vegas with a buddy.

So after consulting with his high school buddy, accountant Brian Burnett, who is an Alabama alum, the two made the trip to Las Vegas for the game but decided to let the bet ride.

Skiba, dude, your accountant friend Brian Burnett sucks as a friend and as an accountant. And taking advice from a Bama fan on your Auburn bet? How do you not hedge that bet? Really, how do you not hedge that damn bet?! Just throw down 5 grand on FSU and be done with it. At least you’d walk away with enough cash to pay for your Vegas trip, enough alcohol to help you forget about the game, and enough to pay for the Spearmint Rhino’s finest to grind your pain away.

“I regret nothing,” Skiba said after the game.

You’re a liar, Mark Skiba.

[via ESPN]

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