Awesome Dudes Remade “Rambo” In Its Entirety For Best Friend’s Surprise Bachelor Party

Awesome Dudes Remade Rambo In Its Entirety For Best Friend’s Surprise Bachelor Party

What you are about to witness has to be the most elaborate bachelor party ever conceived. Honestly, I can’t even come up with something else that might be remotely on its level. You guys couldn’t even think of this shit.

This past July, a group of childhood best friends got together to throw a surprise bachelor party for their buddy, Dana Saint. Dana, who works in the film industry, has been a lifelong fan of Sylvester Stallone, namely for his rampaging roles in the “Rambo” films. His friends couldn’t think of a better way to pay homage to his upcoming marriage and lifelong passion, which started with “First Blood,” than to cast him as John J. Rambo in an action movie of his very own for an entire day.

His badass buddies painstakingly planned and recreated thousands of meticulous details from the original movies to make them seem as real as possible, and they deemed it “Rambo Day.” What unfolded that day was nothing short of an incredible show of brotherhood and friendship. Luckily, they captured every moment on film.

Here’s what the guys said about their project, along with the credits of all those involved who made a reality out of what was conceived as the best bachelor party imaginable.

Rambo Day was on July 26, 2014. Dana Saint was getting married in August…so, we all got together to pay tribute to him with an elaborate, surprise bachelor party. We want to thank our amazing group of FRIENDS for supporting this vision, and giving their time + energy to pull off something special. This NEVER would have happened without you all….especially Brian Rosso and Colin Bennett. It was an amazing day that we’ll never forget…so, we hope you enjoy our attempt to turn Dana into an action hero for a day.

John J Rambo – Dana R Saint
Sheriff Will Teasle – Ryan Wuestewald (acting inquiries:
Cops – Ethan Vincze, Aaron Laipply
Main Bad Guy – Colin Bennett (thanks for keeping the train on the tracks!)
Bad Guys – Eric Saint, Chris Saint, Mike Rosso, Ian Conroy (Uncle Roy), Matt Mercer, Mike Illuzzi, Justin Bentley (Muddy Puddin’), Adam Gallagher
POWs – Brian Rosso, Dan Riordan, Joshua Behan, Kyle Liese, Donnie Harrington, Lee Jarzombek, Matt Behan, Jono Seltzer, Ben Robertson, Jeff Valentine, Ian Willets, Andy Roque, Tyler Olsen, Pete Champlin, Jerry Sardelli
Pink Placenta Avenger – Todd Hanson (haha)
Asian Chick – Aaron Laipply
Col. Samuel Trautman – Bob ‘Homer’ Saint

CAMERA CREW: Jordan Ingram, Shawn Tyler, and Colby Blanchet (thanks for the hustle!)

PA: CJ Taglione

EDIT: Jordan Ingram


-Extreme Tan of Westerly
-Ocean State Pyrotechnics (John Ruggieri, Butchy Boom Boom, and Shawn)
-Sarah Conyngham + Dave Marshall. Thanks for letting us turn your property into a battlefield.
-Hopkinton Fire Department. Thanks for allowing us to blow things up…in the woods…in the middle of summer.
-The Westerly Dump. Thanks for letting us use a bunch of trash…and letting us return it.
-Mystic Fields of Fire. Thanks for supplying the paintball equipment! Thanks for hooking us up with 6! GoPros.
-Rhino Camera Gear. Thanks for the additional camera support.
-Brendan ‘Dr. B’ Gouin. Thanks for letting us borrow the FS700…you saved our ass!
-Black Sheep BBQ. Thanks for the delicious BBQ.
-The Malted Barley. Thanks for supplying the classy booze.
-Grampa Jerry. Big thanks for letting us use your car in a blatantly illegal way…and then, being completely understanding when it caught on fire. We appreciate it…and, once again, we apologize 🙂
-Saint Management. Thanks for the dump truck…and to Chris and Eric for being the nicest ‘bad guys’ ever.
-Homer and Linda Saint for helping us find old VHS footage and playing along with the Colonel Trautman finale…and most importantly, for creating an amazing human.

MUSIC (in order of appearance):
Mapei – Don’t Wait (Remix)
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – BomBom
Jerry Goldsmith – The Razor (First Blood Soundtrack)
Bon Jovi – Runaway
Jerry Goldsmith – Escape From Torture (Rambo: First Blood Part II Soundtrack)
Jerry Goldsmith – Hanging On (First Blood Soundtrack)
Jerry Goldsmith – Preparations (Rambo: First Blood Part II Soundtrack)
Angel Haze – Werkin’ Girls
Jerry Goldsmith – Ambush (Rambo: First Blood Part II Soundtrack)
Ryan Taubert – Kings (The Music Bed)
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – Man on Fire (Little Daylight Remix)
Additional Music – FirstCom Music Library

Dana, you likely already know this, but you have the best fucking friends in the world, man. Men across the country can only dream of having a bachelor party that is 1/10th as cool as yours before settling down for marriage.

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