Bama Fan’s RV Goes Up In Flames Outside Sugar Bowl, Guess What Her On-The-Record Response Was?

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Am I an Alabama football fan? No. But for some reason, the University of Alabama has become the college of choice for Northeastern white girls who more than slightly enjoy country music and own cowboy boots, so I’m surrounded by a shit ton of them. Last night, I was nursing a New Year’s hangover in Applebee’s while the game was playing and the “ROLL TIDE!” chants of people eating their half-price wings and drinking dollar LITs drowned out my pounding headache. So thanks, I guess?

Gotta give it to them, though — Alabama fans are one rambunctiously loyal group of people. Hell, I even read something about how people were voting for Nick Saban in the Alabama senate race (and not gonna lie, a secret small part of me wishes he got elected). I think we have found the undisputed queen of passionate Alabama football fans here, though.

From WAFB:

An Alabama fan attending the Sugar Bowl lost her RV after it caught fire Monday morning near the Superdome.

The fire started around 11 a.m. and temporarily closed traffic near the Intersection of Poydras and South Claiborne.

The New Orleans Fire Department arrived on scene and quickly extinguished the flames.

No one was injured, and the fan said despite the loss of her RV she will still be attending the game.

The fan did not want to be identified, but issued an on-the-record statement of “Roll Tide.”

Yup; “Roll Tide.”

Thank God no one was hurt in the fiery inferno that became of this chick’s mobile SEC palace and likely ride home. Maybe I’m just saying this because I’m a “glass half full” kind of guy, but at least her team won and is moving on. Imagine the double whammy if she’d lost her RV and her natty dreams on the same day. Sad; very sad.

The last time I saw something go up in flames and involve football, I was watching the New York Giants’ 2017 season! HEYO! Okay, now I’m just sad. Damn it, McAdoo.

[via WAFB]

Image via ABC 13

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