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Behold, The Greatest Beer Pong Slam Of All Time

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Beer drinking isn’t my thing. If the option presents itself, I’ll drink a cold brew, but I never search out a beer. I’d much prefer a glass of red wine — healthier and the taste is tremendous.

That being said, I’ll always step up and drink beer if we are playing beer pong.

Beer pong, and similar drinking games on ping pong tables (Dartmouth Rules, Civil War), is awesome. It’s a fun way to drink and gets you hammered pretty fast if you suck. If you’re good, it’s a solid way to start a night by dominating your friends into drinking themselves into oblivion. The rules are simple. The game is fun. What’s not to like?

Occasionally, you get the beer pong slam. When someone has knocked back a few too many and is feeling brave, he will attempt a beer pong slam dunk. The results are usually messy and, more often than not, bloody. I hate the beer pong slam, because as funny as it is to watch, the cleanup almost never makes it worth it. Well, that was until I saw this: The Greatest Beer Pong Slam Of All Time™

My buddy does the most epic beer pong dunks you'll ever see

Everything about this is perfect. Look at those soft hands laying the ping pong ball into the cup without spilling. He takes off a good three feet in front of the table, too — a perfectly legal shot. The landing might be the most incredible part. His head is inches away from splitting open on the concrete ground, but he masterfully uses his right hand to propel himself onto the landing chair with ease.

Pack it up, boys. We are done here. You will never see a better beer pong slam in this lifetime.

[via Imgur]

Image via YouTube

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