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Beta Theta Pi Suspended For Passing Around Nudie Pics and Videos

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From the Post-Gazette:

Carnegie Mellon University has suspended one of its fraternities after finding evidence of sexual pictures and videos taken inside the fraternity and emailed to other fraternity members.

School officials were notified by a student about the pictures and videos taken inside the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house, which is located on CMU’s campus.

I have a couple thoughts here.

The first one is what and where the hell is Carnegie Mellon University? Is that the school where Thornton Mellon from Back to School donated millions to the business school so they’d put his name on it, but really just so he could gain admission and go back to school — at the age of 75 — to party and booze and slay strange ass and pull triple lindies for the diving team?

Turns out Thornton’s last name only has one L in it. It also turns out Carnegie Mellon is a private university in Pittsburgh with about a 12k enrollment, for those wondering.

Secondly, your father’s generation never had to deal with situations like this. Now, in the digital age, it’s a million times easier to share your stupidity with others. You’re only like five iPhone screen touches away from ruining your life at all times. I’m sure most of you pervs have some raunchy material saved in your phones right this second that could seriously jeopardize your futures.

Think about the equivalency of this story occurring back when pops was in school. He’d have to set up one of those huge video cameras on a tripod and record the sexual acts on a VHS tape, then he’d have to run to the store to buy blank tapes so he could make copies for all his friends. Then, he’d have to physically bring them the tapes. During this whole multi-step, arduos process, he’d have ample time to talk himself out of being such a dumbass. Thus, it didn’t happen.

It’s a logistical nightmare.

[via Post-Gazette]

Image via U.S. News


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