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Big Boobs Are Overrated

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Yeah, I said it. Big boobs, in and of themselves, are nothing spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, a nice pair of sweater puppies can be a turn on, but only as a supplement to an overall complete package. Fit is better than tit. Look at it like this: big boobs are like a free T-shirt you get at a bar. You came to the bar for a great time and the free T-shirt enhanced the evening, but you still would have had fun without the T-shirt. Don’t get so caught up in (or between) big boobs.

What do I mean by big? Generally speaking, I would say D cups or bigger would count as big. One of the biggest problems with big boobs is the fact that, generally speaking, they require quite a bit of body fat to be as big as they are. Only a lucky few women are able to have sizable boobs and still maintain a low level of body fat, and a significant percentage of those women have implants. It’s science, and you can’t argue with science. In a risk/reward situation, are Ds or DDs worth being smothered by a tree trunk instead of a fit body? I could give you my answer right now without hesitation: no way.

Oddly enough, the first thing a girl who has lost a lot of weight will complain about is that her boobs have gotten smaller. So what? You made the correct choice sacrificing your Ds for a tighter physique. At the end of the day, you can make your cleavage look as nice as you want with low cut tops and pushup bras, or maybe you just let them pop out of the top of your turtleneck. But once the clothes start coming off, are you going to have to make sure the lights are off, too? And don’t forget, once a girl starts getting older, the bigger ones start to sag significantly and require a crane (and an expensive plastic surgeon) to lift them back up again.

Guys, unless titty sex is what you enjoy most in the bedroom, there is no real, functional sexual benefit to big boobs on their own, especially if the body is not there to back it up. Yeah, you can watch them bounce around, but ultimately that’s not anything to enhance the experience or brag to your friends about. It’s a fruitless endeavor. However, a tight waist, toned legs, and a nice butt? Much, much more appealing with clothes either on or off, and that enhances everything tenfold.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a woman with a tight fit and nicely shaped, firm chest cannons, regardless of caliber. Truth be told, a girl can have great boobs without them being necessarily big. It’s really about topography and composition. So simple, yet oddly scientific. I really don’t give a shit when guys talk about girls with big tits. What does the rest of the package look like? Stop making such a big deal about big tits. There is so much more to women than that, like their personality–and their butts.

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"Technically, Pablo Escobar was in sales."

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