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Central Arkansas Student Wears Bill Cosby Costume And Yep He Goes Full Blackface And Is Expelled

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People are still doing blackface, it turns out. It got a University of Central Arkansas student expelled, not only from his fraternity, but from the university, too.

From The Echo:

UCA fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma has officially been suspended by its national chapter after a member posted an Instagram photo displaying his face covered in black paint.

Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity brother and sophomore Brock Denton posted the photo of himself in a multicolored sweater with the caption “It was a bold night.” The fraternity held a Halloween party at its house Friday Oct. 28.


Don’t do blackface. Don’t do it. Don’t do blackface. You can claim up and down that your intentions were totally innocent, and you can actually be telling the truth, but it doesn’t matter. Why? Because blackface is really freaking offensive, you will offend people, you will look like a moron, and you will get in deep shit for it. Every single time. Don’t do blackface. DON’T DO BLACKFACE.

And don’t try to justify using blackface in any way, because it’s dumb and pointless (yes, I’ve seen White Chicks). Blackface was used in 19th century minstrel shows by white people who were depicting black people, and it has some heavy slave connotations. It’s a shitty part of our nation’s history and it needs to stop resurfacing, so stop using blackface. Please.

Below is a statement from UCA President Tom Courtway. Handwritten. Old school.

So Brock was expelled. Yeah, freedom of speech. Yeah, public university. We’ll see if it holds up.

Brock posted an apology on his private Instagram account. He assures us that he’s a solid dude who doesn’t discriminate. He even says he was unaware that blackface was a thing.

“Within a matter of a few hours social media has made me out to be a monster, a racist, a supremacist and those are just three of the many hateful names I have been called. I have been sent death threats, threats to burn my house down,” he said in the caption.

Denton said he was “the furthest thing from discrimination” and that he “fight[s]for equality everyday.” He went on to apologize and said he never would “have done this if I would have known the domino effect that [would]follow.”

At least two comments below the photo indicated the posters still blamed Denton for his actions. Denton replied to the comments.

“I can honestly say I’ve never heard of black face before until today. Believe me or don’t but at this point all I can do is be truthful,” he said.

Remember, guys: Don’t do blackface.

[via The Echo]

Image via Instagram

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