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BOMBD Launches In South Padre At Spring Break

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For too long, social media has been centered around curated, edited garbage. All we see nowadays are edited glimpses of real life. Facetune, filters, and a constant taking and retaking of photos have turned every app on our phones into absolute jokes. It’s time to bring reality back into the world of social media. It’s time we all got Bombd.

Bombd, already a hit in Australia, is making its US launch right now in South Padre Island during spring break. Bombd puts real life back into social media by letting you see what the people you care about are doing as they’re doing it.

Here’s a video that shows you how Bombd functions as a social media.

Is the Bombd app catching on? Well, it received so many downloads during its official South Padre Island spring break launch that the app crashed for an hour. Plus, after its first three weeks, it had over 3.5x the amount of downloads Snapchat had in that same time period. So yeah, I think it’s safe to say the app has been a hit thus far.

Although Bombd draws comparisons to Snapchat because of its photo and video-sharing functionalities, it’s actually completely different. Rather than being sent unsolicited content, with Bombd, you actively request content. Bombd allows you to see what the people you care about are up to in real time, which is much, much more important not that filtered, “I look fat in this, let me retake it” bullshit that annoying girl from your high school chem class keeps randomly sending you.

“OMG Rachel, look at the giraffe that the barista just made in my latte foam. Everybody HAS to see this.”

Sorry, Becky, but, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. Want to cut the Beckys out of your social media life? Get on Bombd. I’d actually recommend getting on Bombd ASAP, since spring break is going on and you can see shit like this.







Make social media great again. Download Bombd for Android HERE, and for iOS HERE.

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