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Brennan Clay Tweets The Sexts Between DeMarco Murray And His Wife, Exposes Classic Cheater Move

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Brennan Clay Tweeted The Sexts Between His Cheating Wife And DeMarco Murray, Exposes Classic Cheater Move

Last week, while DeMarco Murray and the Cowboys were busy getting manhandled by the Philadelphia Eagles as the rest of us were sinking into our couches after consuming 4,000 calories worth of Thanksgiving food, Brennan Clay, Murray’s teammate at Oklahoma, came to terms on Twitter that DeMarco had been scoring touchdowns with his wife.

Last night, while the Cowboys were regaining their winning form by trouncing the disappointment that is the Chicago Bears, Clay was at it again, seeking to further expose the steamy affair that Murray was having with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Gina D’Agostini.

This time, the former Sooners running back’s furious diatribe contained some hard evidence of the cheating going down opposed to the original accusations, and it came in the form of texts. In true “I’m cheating on my boyfriend/husband” fashion, Clay’s wife listed DeMarco Murray as an alias in her phone; his code name, embarrassingly, was “Spray Tan.”

Such a classic cheater move on D’Agostini’s part, and I can’t even stand it. It’s like she was trying to get caught here, too. Obviously if you’re having sex with DeMarco Murray and he was your husband’s friend in college, you’re not going to save him in your phone as “DeMarco Murray.” But to go with “Spray Tan”? You can’t be more obvious than that. She could’ve used a hundred million different names, like “John” or “Mike” or “Ronald,” and probably have gotten away with this, but she picked “Spray Tan.” Who the fuck texts the person who administrates their spray tans? Cheaters, that’s who.

I have to say it’s also hilarious that Clay waits for DeMarco Murray to be doing literally the one thing that he does each week that prevents him from being able to defend himself on Twitter when Clay drops bombs like this. Absolutely savage.

At least he gave Murray some credit where it was due, acknowledging him going off on the Bears defense last night:

But then again, I’m guessing that last tweet translates to “I don’t fucks with you,” so maybe his admiration for Spray Tan is in jest. Wait, yeah, it most definitely is. #IDFWU #SuchAGreatWife

Image via Black Sports Online

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