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Britain Finally Gets In On The Action, Launches First Airstrikes Against ISIS

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RAF Tornado

I’m not big on showing up late to the party. If you’re invited to participate in something, don’t let the rest of your buddies run off and enjoy themselves without you. Nut up and have a little fun. It’s a conclusion that Britain is beginning to come to after watching Russia, the United States, and its allies bomb the ever living hell out of terrorists roaming the deserts of Syria.

Britain may be coming in a little late, but it’s crucial to consider who we’re talking about here. It’s ISIS. In this case, it’s better late than never, and thankfully, the British lawmakers have finally given the vote of approval needed to begin eviscerating some assholes via their Air Force’s aerial thrones.

From CNN:

British fighter jets have taken part in their first airstrikes in Syria, hours after UK lawmakers voted in favor of bombing ISIS strongholds there.

“RAF Tornadoes have just returned from their first offensive operation over Syria and have conducted strikes,” a spokesman for Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) said early Thursday.

The four jets took off from Akrotiri air base in Cyprus, targeting an oil field in Eastern Syria, the MOD told CNN.

And with that, we have yet another western nation vying to put an end to this reign of terror. Just to get to this point, though, it took over 10 hours to complete a debate that concluded with 397 intelligent politicians voting in favor of the military involvement, while 223 assholes remained against the action.

Nobody knows what the future holds. ISIS doesn’t specialize in predictability. Regardless, it never hurts to have a few more cross-hairs locked in on the asshole who could very well orchestrate another Paris-style attack. I’m glad you came to your senses, Britain. Welcome to the party.

[via CNN]

Image via YouTube

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