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A Canadian Football League Team Is Already Gunning For Tua Tagovailoa

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hamilton tiger-cats cfl tua tagovailoa

Have any of you ever watched the Canadian Football League? Hopefully not, because it’s a cheap, over-the-border imitation of something us Americans do much better. I’ve watched it a few times out of pure curiosity, and it doesn’t look like any football I’ve ever seen (in a bad way). Add to that the fact they play to FCS football game-sized crowds and yeah — you’re not missing much.

The Canadian Football League, though, has an uncanny knack for stealing American football players. In 2018 alone, they already stole Heisman-winning American legend Johnny Manziel. Okay, maybe Manziel went north of the border because his NFL career was slightly derailed, but still. They took him.

The University of Alabama won the College Football Playoff National Championship Game earlier this week, and the Canadian Football League is wasting no time trying to sign Saban’s true freshman MVP Tua Tagovailoa.

From Yahoo! Sports:

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats — the same CFL team that almost hired Art Briles and is currently in a negotiating window with Johnny Manziel — have added Alabama’s national championship hero to their negotiation list.

Tagovailoa, a freshman in 2017, isn’t eligible for the NFL draft for two more seasons, so it’s a bit early to talk about his professional future. But the CFL operates differently than the NFL does. Teams are allowed to select players’ rights for negotiation and then a player can exercise a 10-day negotiation window.

That means that if Tagovailoa’s career has a future with the CFL, the Tiger-Cats have his rights ahead of the rest of the league. It’s a shrewd move, even if the chances of Tagovailoa playing in the CFL are slim.

I’m no expert on football drafting, but the CFL’s strategy sounds like when someone would call “shotgun” before they were even in the parking lot. Weird stuff.

But the real drama lies here: imagine the chaos that would erupt between Money Manziel and Tagovailoa for the starting QB position if they both somehow ended up on the team. Need Hard Knocks on that the moment that one-in-a-million scenario happens.

Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your Manziel, hide your Tagovailoa, because the Canadian Football League is coming for everybody.

[via Yahoo! Sports]

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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