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Canadian Sniper Murks ISIS Insurgent From Over Two Miles Away

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sniper rifle canadian sniper kill record

Our neighbor to the north’s special forces continues to raise the bar for military badassery, this time shattering the record for the longest confirmed kill in world military history by nailing a seemingly impossible 11,319 foot dinger. While we probably won’t know who pulled the trigger for some time (for security reasons or some other bullshit; if this guy’s picking off insurgents from that far behind the arc, I don’t think his security is in jeopardy), it’s safe to say this shot from way downtown probably won’t be equaled for a while, if ever.

From Daily Mail:

A Canadian sniper has beat the record for the longest confirmed kill in military history by picking off an ISIS fighter from a staggering 11,319 feet.

A military source told The Globe and Mail the kill was verified by video, adding: ‘This is an incredible feat. It is a world record that might never be equalled sic.’

Few details are available about their operation, but their last reported location was in the north of Iraq, where a major operation is underway to recapture Mosul.

The sniper has not been named for security reasons and the exact location of the kill has not been confirmed.

Canada’s special forces are known for the high skill of their snipers, who are considered among the best in the world.

To get a true appreciation for the art of popping insurgents from a country mile out, check out former world record-holder British Sgt. Craig Harrison’s account of his mile-and-a-half killshot in Southern Afghanistan that he fired back in 2009.

The farther from a target these snipers are, the more variables come into play and the tougher it is to make confetti out of an insurgent’s dome piece. When special forces eclipse the mile mark, they have to start considering things like air temperature, humidity and even the freaking curvature of the Earth. By the time you reach 2.14 miles, it’s almost a fucking calculus equation.

In this instance, the bullet, fired from a Tac-50 rifle, took almost ten seconds to meet the ISIS fighter — probably the longest ten seconds of our Canadian hero’s life. With this 2+ mile heater, Canadian snipers own the rest of world in sniping distance, claiming three of the top four longest killshots in military history.

I know the man behind the trigger hails from our 51st state, but if the thought of this guy plunking an ISIS fighter from two miles out doesn’t make your manhood wiggle at least a little bit, I’m concerned for your patriotism.

Now, let’s see an American top it.

[via Daily Mail]

Image via Shutterstock

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