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Canadians Toss Dwarfs At Strip Clubs, Which Sounds Awesome

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“You guys ready for some tossing?” the announcer asks, as Mötley Crüe blares over the sound system and audience members start to chant, ‘Dwarf! Dwarf! Dwarf!’ while pounding their hands on the tables.”

Believe it or not, this is not a scene out of the Wolf of Wall Street; this is the raucous environment of the Leopard’s Lounge Strip club in Windsor, Ontario on a Saturday night, where they actually host dwarf tosses.

To Mike Murga however, a celebrity-like figure in the dwarf tossing world, this is much more than just a drunkenly infused, testosterone pumping thrill ride. This is a sport. On an average night, Mike is tossed anywhere between 50 and 60 times, from a distance of around 10 feet, which I am guessing is regulation distance for dwarf tossing. Apparently, the tossing of dwarfs is not as easy as one may think, as one man announces fresh off a recent heave, “He’s three feet tall, but fuck he’s dense.” While dense Mike and the rowdy Saturday night crowd at the Leopard’s Lounge may enjoy the show, other community members in Windsor are not so fond of the notion.

From Vice:

Dwarf-tossing has a history of complaint and outrage in Windsor, the activity angering a local MPP enough to try to get a law passed banning the spectacle. Windsor West MPP Sandra Pupatello put forward a private member’s bill in 2003, but it failed to pass to its second reading.

Leave it to the Canadians to have a law regarding the tossing of dwarfs actually fail to pass. The outrage, however, does not impact Mike’s razor sharp focus when it comes to performing under pressure. As he says, “When I’m up there, I am in the zone.” Frankly, I am not sure what kind of grown man would wait in line to throw a dwarf across a stage, but hey, if the little guy loves it, who are we to judge?

[via Vice]

Image via Google Maps

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