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Chalk Line Around IU Campus Leads To Fiji House, Says They Have AIDS

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We’ve got a serious candidate for story of the semester…

From TFM user RayjayAllday, a student at Indiana University:

“This story is basically about some group, probably another fraternity, verbally assaulting Fiji. Walking through campus I noticed all of these chalk lines which led across the entirety of campus to the front of Fiji’s house. Obviously curious about what they meant (also believing it to be some weird philanthropy awareness project) I followed the trail coming across numerous obscenities. I figured it would be hysterical for the entire fraternity community to see chalk explicatives that were defacing practically the whole campus. Phrases used were “cumguzzlers,” “FIJI has butt sex,” among many others. Hilarity ensued when classes let out.”

More from the Indiana Daily Student:

Chalk graffiti was found on campus early Thursday morning, stretching from the south steps of Showalter Fountain to behind Woodburn Hall, past Ballantine Hall and toward the Phi Gamma Delta house on Third Street.

The graffiti referenced Fiji, stating at the beginning near Showalter “GOT AIDS[?], THEY DO, FOLLOW THE LINE.”

A line all the way around campus leading to pride of AIDS positive assholes? Best school day ever?

Is there a single college student in America that wouldn’t immediately postpone their current campus jaunt to follow that line right away and see where it led? To see who “They” are that’s cruising around your campus sharing AIDS with everyone? To see who pissed off someone, or a group of people, so egregiously that their AIDS infection deserved to be broadcasted all over campus via children’s sidewalk chalk? To see if these AIDS-ridden sonsabitches were people you actually knew? Were friends with? Had hooked up with?

I don’t care if I was walking to a midterm that I had to stay up all night cramming for, while reciting study notes in my head with every step as if to keep the material fresh in my mind — I’m on that fucking line like it’s my job, even if it led me on a grueling cross-town journey.

The line stretched across campus on the streets and sidewalks. Peppered around it were references to AIDS, Fiji’s members having AIDS and homosexual profanities. These included phrases like “fudgepackers,” “bangin monkeys,” “cumguzzlers” and “sausage jockies.”

Okay, so this AIDS chalk line was not just a means to connect the Indiana student body to an outcasted AIDS group, but was also designed to keep the student-pedestrians’ attention while building intrigue and anticipation with intermittent words of derogatory? I can only imagine the fever pitch of excitement that everyone felt when they were nearing the line’s endpoint — the endpoint being the fraternity house of Phi Gamma Delta.

It is unknown at this point who is responsible for the elaborate prank, and I’m no detective, but my leading suspects would be rival fraternity houses. It might also be worth turning themselves into the school in order to gain the well-deserved notoriety for such a hilarious effort.

But really, AIDS isn’t a funny thing. It’s a nasty, dreadful, deadly disease. But cross-campus chalk line AIDS jokes are really, really funny.

[via Indiana Daily Student]


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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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