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Check Out The New Trailer To The Saving Private Ryan Of Russian War Films

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Saving Private Ryan is, by my estimation, the greatest American war film ever made, which puts it high in the running for greatest war film ever made. Yes, it has its faults, mostly Spielberg-ian in nature, but the film also couldn’t have achieved such greatness without the director either. I could spend two thousand words talking about that film (it’s one of my two favorites of all time), and I might one day. My point is, Saving Private Ryan was a landmark achievement in terms of war films, so when I compare another film to it, that’s high praise, in the words of fake Nicholas Cage. Also, that stabbing scene? Gets me every time, and by “gets me,” I mean “makes me run out of the room weeping in fear and extreme discomfort.”

One film that looks like it might be akin to SPR’s greatness is this latest effort from Russia, simply titled Stalingrad. That’s a pretty good battle to set a movie in, unless that movie is Enemy at the Gates, which sort of sucked. Regardless, Stalingrad, which was filmed in 3D IMAX and appears to be an insanely epic production, looks amazing. Check it out.

Holy shit. The movie is directed by a guy you’ve never heard of, and stars people you’ve also never heard of, which is unfortunate, because this seems like exactly the type of movie in which Vladimir Putin would pull an Eddie Murphy and play all the roles, but whatever. It has already been released in Russia, and I’ll be the only person in line the day it comes out in the U.S., but unfortunately, no release date has been set. I really need to see this.

h/t to Filmdrunk


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