Coach O Is Amazed By The Marvels Of Modern Technology Like Clocks That Automatically Change

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Ed Orgeron is a national treasure. Everything the beloved LSU coach does is as if he were your dad that wanted you to like him more. For example, he has been known to down an insane amount of energy drinks like it’s nothing to prove to the kids that he can hang. Or how about the time he promised a recruit he’d bring a live tiger to his signing day. He’ll do anything in name of his kids. But just like all of our dads, sometimes even Coach O isn’t up on the latest trends.

Previously unbeknownst to him, the commencement of LSU’s spring practice was going to align perfectly with that of daylight savings. Coach took this as cause for concern. Would all of the players remember to set their clocks? Are they going to spring forward in time to show up to practice? What if they forget? Oh the pandemonium! Well turns out, as all of us already know, this new thing called the iPhone has us covered. Clocks change automatically without ever even having to worry about it.

But people like Ed Orgeron don’t use things like iPhones to set their alarms, so how was he supposed to know? He has an alarm clock by his bed and you better believe that he is manually setting that motherfucker every single night. Why trust all this new technology when the old way works just fine?

Coach O is America’s dad, and like any dad, we need to appreciate him. Never change, good sir. Never change.

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