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College Idiot Gets Arrested After Firing A Gun In His Snapchat Story

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Think about your social media connections. Think about the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen someone post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Something that made you say to yourself, “They’re gonna get screwed by that one day.” Today is that day for Nicholas Pappas. Pappas, a sophomore at Quinnipiac, has joined the plebeian ranks of downright stupid people who don’t fully understand how social media works.

Cruising down a residential New England street as one does, Pappas gets it in his mind that he could really make a bang (not sorry, had to be done) if he shot his handgun at the ground from his moving car, and had his buddy record it for his Snapchat story. On January 25th, Hampden Police received a complaint about the social media post. Given the solid evidence of a 4-second video that includes a clear shot of the fool’s face, the police took action.

From The Quinnipiac Chronicle:

The complaint led the police to search Pappas’ car and they found four weapons: a police baton, an automatic switchblade knife and two pairs of brass knuckles. Officers arrested Pappas on Jan. 29 at police headquarters.

You can view the video on the Quinnipiac Chronicle’s website. Who does this kid think he is, going to a private university in Connecticut, that he thinks he needs all those weapons? He’s wearing a Vineyard Vines quarter zip in his mug shot for goodness sake. Not only does his appearance and his actions scream “I’m privileged and the rules don’t apply to me,” but he also managed to post a $15,000 bond to be released from police custody. He’s appearing in court today and has also been suspended from QU pending the results of his conduct hearing.

Most of us in greek life have had it drilled into our heads since day one: keep your social media clean. If you’re underage, don’t post about drinking. If you’re in ritual, put your damn phone away. Don’t ever, ever, ever post anything illegal, because it is evidence that never goes away. And through all the slip-ups of the first couple rules, I kind of assumed everyone else had a handle on that last part. Guess I’m the idiot on that one.

The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Image via YouTube

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