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College Students On Reddit Are Sharing The Dumbest Things They’ve Ever Heard In Class, And It’s Great

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There’s a thread on Reddit right now asking students (and former students) to share the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard another student say out loud in class. It is pretty fantastic. One of the things I miss most about college is sitting in an auditorium, barely paying attention, and listening to some future associates degree haver ask a question so awesomely stupid it could cause a brain implosion. A lot of people cringed when those dumbasses spoke, but I, for one, encouraged it. You are the best part of class, hopeless idiot who will one day die tasting bleach, or wandering onto an interstate. You keep being you.

A student in my friend’s veterinarian program wanted to know what would grow if you planted popcorn kernels outside – AllyGambit

A girl in my English class wrote that legalizing gay marriage will create “800 million new jobs in the United States.” – 910bigfathen

“The leader of North Korea looks like Psy. What’s his name ? Like Genghis Khan or something ?” – EggmanJunior

“Why did they bring slaves from Africa when they could have gotten black people from the Caribbean?” – African Studies class – afrocanadian

“It was wrong to use the atom bombs in Japan. Imagine how many Americans we killed, like all the people vacationing there at the time” – Tybodsm

“so ‘cat’ is the past tense of ‘cut’ right? Like, ‘I cat myself with my knife.'” – ersant

“I survived Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS as a baby.” – RavingRadish

During an International Business class, during a chapter on Mainland China: “Why do we have to study about ching-chongs anyway?” She went on to argue with my Chinese prof about Chinese culture. – assesundermonocles

Middle of an exam: “Is this being graded?” I kid you not. – fokg29

There was a guy I went to high school with who announced, during our college level Western Civilization class, “Ancient history is bull shit. All those pictures of ruins and fossils is all fake. If I haven’t seen it for myself then it isn’t real.” He was dead serious. – Snarky_Snickerdoodle

“Is longitude the one with the globe, or the one with the mountains?” She apparently confused longitude with latitude and, by extension, altitude. – RikVanguard

We were asked in basic econ what was a public good that we use almost everyday. No one answered, so the teacher hinted with, “it is delivered monday through saturday”. Immediately the girl sitting next to me yelled, “Sidewalks!?”. Everyone was silent, and I was trying my hardest to not laugh. – Gary_l_collins

A girl in an Arab-Israeli history class once asked why Israel did not do more to help out the Jews during World War II. – KingintheNorth212

In an anthropology class I once took, we were discussing cultural specific disorders – i.e. anorexia and bulimia in western cultures. In some Asian cultures there is a disorder called Koro where the male has delusions of penis shrinkage and retraction into the body. This kid yells out “oh no wonder Asians have such small penises” There was an Asian dude sitting next to him that just turned to him and said “You bastard”. – changemytampon

I was in an American History course and we were discussing the 1930’s (and had been for a number of classes) when a girl who sat up front, who always arrived early and took very eager notes, raised her hand and asked… “What’s an F.D.R.?” – DoctorStein

Day after the a student committed suicide on campus. I heard some girl say ” I wish more asians would kill themselves more so my major would be less competitive”. – udub18

n my french class there was a boy who asked, “How do babies from France learn to speak french? How is that possible when they’re just infants?”..he seemed to assume every baby, everywhere.. was simply born speaking English. And the look on his face when our teacher tried to explain this was not the case was just heartbreaking. His mind was blown that day. – silkyroidrage

Feel free to share your own in the comments.

[via Reddit]

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