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Commenter of the Week

Our Commenter of the Week took a two YEAR hiatus from commenting before reemerging with some semi-perverted, witty Babe of the Day commentary. After not commenting for two whole years, he came out of the gates with a comment that included “titanic set of jugs,” and I took notice.

A lot of you are volume shooters. Let this be Exhibit A that sheer volume isn’t going to get you a ribbon. Make your comments count.

Our Commenter of the Week is BeerOlympics, an Active who joined the site in November of 2014.

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1. Where do/did you to attend school?


2. Where have you been all this time?

This girl put a Xanax bar in my drink one night two years ago and I’m only now regaining my consciousness.

3. What was it about the Babes of the Day that brought you out of hibernation?

I’ve found the babe of the day to be essential for good health.

Waking up to some new girl thats easy on the eyes and commenting on it with the first thought that comes to mind has proven to set the blood coursing through my veins, enabling me to crush the rest of the day. It’s science.

4. Give me two truths and a lie about yourself.

I’m writing this on the shitter filling my interment bouts of writers block with swipes on the tinder machine.

I once shotgunned 8 beers in a row

My grandpa is the one of the oldest living first war veterans

5. When was the last time you saw a female naked in real life?

I was fortunate enough to have an cougar aggressively hit on me and demand sex this past weekend. I ultimately gave in. She had tremendous game.

6. Hottest woman on earth?

Your mother or Samantha Hoopes

7. You get to ban one user of the site. Who is it and why?

I’d ban any and all of the rainbow blooded liberals.

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