Company Hazes Intern By Blasting Him With 80,000 Volt, Drone Mounted Stun Gun

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Jesus Christ, kid. Why? The economy isn’t even that bad anymore. You have options! I mean, I remember my interning days. They commenced right around the time the economy hit the shitter and companies basically stopped hiring altogether. Would I have taken a bone-rattling, testicle-frying jolt from a weaponized flying robot then? Absolutely, but times were tough, and you had to make sacrifices. If that meant being electrically assaulted by a robot, then so be it. It’s nothing my grandparents wouldn’t have done during the Great Depression. You better believe Grandpa would’ve let “The Wizard of Oz” Tin Man jab some downed telegraph wires into his chest if it meant putting bread on the table. They truly were the Greatest Generation. Still, I don’t think getting shocked until you (presumably) wet your pants would be worth it now. But hey, you have to take your lumps in the robotic security field, I guess?

Either way, this kid really took one for the team. Here’s a video of one of those crazy mini-helicopter drones hovering around before wrecking this intern’s world.

The intern, who may or may not be a drooling vegetable now, works for Chaotic Moon. This little demonstration took place at SXSW right here in Austin, Texas. That has me feeling a little inadequate, to be honest. Someone is out there hazing interns in TFM’s own backyard. And here I thought making our interns play “Clear Liquor Russian Roulette”*–with six shot glasses filled with vodka, Everclear, Rumple Minze, rubbing alcohol, toilet water, and gin–until they all either puked, went blind, or puked themselves blind was hardcore. The last one standing was supposed to win a free lunch, but none of them were really all that hungry by the time it was over. Clearly TFM needs to step up its game. Excuse me while I go buy a remote controlled airplane, duct tape a few tazer guns to the wings, and kamikaze it into our little content slaves. Fail Friday is going to get posted real fast when they hear the crackling of tazers coupled with the buzz of a motor in the distance.

*Do not actually play Clear Liquor Russian Roulette. Seriously, you idiots.

[via Metro]

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