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White Student That Was Assaulted By Black Student For Having Dreadlocks Speaks Out

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A day after video footage surfaced online of a white student rudely stealing a black student’s culture by wearing dreads, the white student finally got a chance to tell his side of the story without getting harassed.

The student, Cory Goldstein, told the student-run newspaper the Golden Gate Xpress that he tried to walk away from the situation. However, Goldstein said the other student, identified by media reports as Bonita Tindle, followed him down two flights of stairs and kept the confrontation going.

I know, I know, I know. He’s most definitely a Bernie Sanders supporter and even dropped a hardcore “my rules, my body” quip in there, but we must look past our differences in this situation.

Goldstein makes several points in the video about why he doesn’t think a dreadlocks hairstyle is cultural appropriation, including that dreadlocks are not just in African culture. Having dreads? No cultural appropriation. Wearing Native American headdresses? Cultural appropriation. Wearing a sombrero? Racist AF (yes, even if Jose at La Siesta gives you one and an extra shot of tequila because it’s your birthday).

Tindle, who has not come out to tell her side of the story, is reportedly a part-time employee of SF State. Her now-deleted LinkedIn page described her as a “Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Journalist, Media Specialist.”

Wait. University employee? Media specialist? Hates when people record them assaulting someone?!

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Sweet mother of god! IT’S HER! Melissa Click is in San Francisco! EVERYBODY PANIC!

According the Golden Gate Xpress, the interaction took place in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The university describes the center as “a popular venue for live music, ethnic celebrations and political soapboxing.”

But there’s been no ethnic celebrating going on this week, only cultural appropriation.

Despite the incident and everything surrounding it, Goldstein’s been pretty chill about the situation.

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Either a war hero or war criminal depending on how you look at it

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