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The Doctor Who Was Dragged Off That United Flight Is Actually A Huge Creep

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david dao united airlines

Needless to say you’ve heard of the guy who was beaten and pulled off of a United Airlines flight when he refused to give up his seat to a bunch of United employees traveling on their company vouchers. This dude’s dominating the internet right now.

This story resonates with anyone who has ever traveled by air, which is a terrible and dehumanizing experience. Well, not for me, because my dad is a senior executive at a multi-billion dollar company and gets enough airline perks that I always fly first or business, but I have heard of the travails of the lower class and I sympathize with their plight. If I were ever deprived of my free pre- and mid-flight Bloody Marys, I’d be chanting “Just kill me” too.

That’s kind of a strange thing to mumble when you’ve been dragged out of your seat so violently that you’re bleeding by a large corporation, right? If it were me, I’d be recording all of it and going straight to my lawyer, because I’d be about to retire on that settlement.

Well, turns out this guy’s not so innocent.

From The New York Post:

Dr. David Dao, 69, who was captured in a now-viral video being forcibly dragged off the Louisville-bound flight at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on Sunday, was working as a doctor specializing in pulmonary disease in Elizabethtown when he was convicted of trading prescription drugs for sexual favors.

The board’s probe into the criminal charges found that Dao became sexually interested in a male patient, Brian Case, whom he gave a physical examination to, including a genital examination, and whom he eventually made his office manager.

Holy fuck. Being a fellow doctor (shhh… play along), I expected this guy could become this generation’s much less important, airplane version of Rosa Parks, someone who could finally stick it to the whole stupid airline industry. But no, he turned out to be a creepy weirdo. Figures.

Typically, most people will ignore the strange complications in this case and project their own bullshit on the story long after it is relevant. But personally, I’m more than a little disappointed. Is it too much to expect an old guy being dragged kicking and screaming down the aisle of an airplane to be a normal dude?

If I were a lawyer, I’d still represent him. There’s big money to be made here, weirdo or not.

[via The New York Post]

Image via YouTube/The Sydney Morning Herald

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