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Democrat VP Pick Tim Kaine Is The Biggest College T-Shirt Fan Of All Time

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On Friday, as the dust settled over the madness that was the GOP convention in Cleveland, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton announced Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her running mate for the 2016 election.

Kaine, a popular democrat in a southern state, seems like a fairly normal guy. In 2008, it was speculated that Barack Obama would select him as his VP choice before going with toy train enthusiast Joe Biden instead. But Kaine, like all politicians, has some skeletons in his closet. A little oppo research unearthed this absurdity: Kaine, a Mizzou grad, pulls for the Kansas Jayhawks. Dude.

From The Washington Post:

The Virginia governor grew up in Overland Park, Kan., and is an avowed Jayhawks fan. Back in 2005, he called them his favorite team. But not, as it turns out, on the gridiron.

“I root for the Jayhawks in basketball,” Kaine told us yesterday. “I’ve never been a KU football fan.”

Parsing the nuances of team loyalty, Kaine explained that his parents were “K-Staters” (Kansas State U) and he graduated from the University of Missouri, which meant he was usually rooting against rival KU.

For the few of you who are unaware, Missouri and Kansas are bitter rivals.

Just read this nonsense. He is a KU fan, but only in basketball? That’s the biggest t-shirt fan sentence of all time.

“I only like KU in the sport where they totally dominate.”

I bet he’s a Golden State Warriors fan, too. And his parents are K-Staters, meaning that with his Mizzou education coupled with their K-State education, there should be nothing but complete and total disdain in his heart for everything and everyone in Lawrence. And yet, here he is, publicly advocating for the Jayhawks.

If a UT grad and Texas politician ever said, “Well, I went to UT, but I love Sooners football,” he would be impeached on the spot. This is a big red flag for the Clinton campaign, in my opinion, and something they should have caught in the extensive vetting process.

I don’t want a t-shirt fan one heartbeat away from the nuclear codes. It just seems wrong

[via The Washington Post]

Image via YouTube

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