Determined Student Brings Record Player To Bump Kanye During Exam After Teacher Bans Phones

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It is a well known fact that high school kids are the most obnoxious assholes on this planet. They’re selfish, and smug, and have zero respect for any authority. Usually that is a very negative character trait to have. But I kind of admire the determination of this one little shit from Vancouver, Washington.

After a teacher explicitly stated that no phones would be allowed during his exam — not even to bump some tunes — a hero by the name of Wyatt didn’t wallow. He didn’t concede, and blindly follow the rules. Instead, he analyzed the situation, found the best option, and calmly went loophole city on the whole operation.

I cannot overstate how much I love this move. This kid easily could have brought in an old iPod or CD player. He could have been a total dick and whip out the ol’ walkman on ’em. But instead, Wyatt went with the most obnoxious and unnecessary option of all: a giant fucking record player.

It’s kind of like the equivalent of when your girlfriend suggests you go on a break, and then you haul off and bang all of her friends. This kid is just fully exploiting the ambiguity of the rule.

“Listen teach, you clearly said no phones. This isn’t a phone. Case closed. Now let me get back to breaking down these covalent bonds while I vibe to the sweet melodies of All Falls Down.” College Dropout is an all-time classic.

Hope he got an A.

Image via Twitter/Eric Saueracker

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